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Sunday, July 23, 2006


These letters have been retyped from the originals to facilitate copying
These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy
and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment.

Chronic Arthritis

After more than twenty years of private practice in the health care profession as a Chiropractor, I have utilized both personally and professionally a myriad of food supplements, vitamins, and natural weight-loss products. We have been using exclusively the Isotonic line of products for the past six months. They are without a doubt the most unique concept in the nutritional market that I have seen or used. The delivery system is very high-tech and easy to take especially for those who have a strong aversion to swallowing pills.

On a personal note, I would like to describe to you what the products have done for me. I used to be an active tennis player. On a club basis, I played “A” level doubles. Approximately thirteen years ago I suffered a severe injury while helping a friend work on his house. The scaffold we were sitting on gave way and I plummeted eighteen feet to the ground. I attempted to break my fall with my arms outstretched. Needless to say, my left wrist literally exploded into 26 pieces. I also fractured my right wrist, elbow; compression fractured my spine, damaged a nerve in my knee, and sprained my left shoulder.

Four surgeries on my left wrist (I am left-handed) to include the distal 1/3 of my ulna and eight months to my armpits in plaster and a year-and-a-half lost in my practice was more than devastating to me. The end result, as you can well imagine, is a significant amount of arthritis, bone cysts, and spurring on both wrists. There has also been a lot of compensation in joint mechanics over the years due to the degenerative arthritic changes. After numerous attempts to return to my love of tennis, I have been unable to play at the same level of intensity. In fact, whenever I did play, I would be in agony for the next three or four days, so I had to quit.
Now the good part, thanks to OPC-3™ and the Isotonic nutritional program, I am now able to play tennis at my former capacity without the prolonged recovery from the arthritic flare-ups that ensued after playing. In addition, I have less difficulty in the applications of my everyday routine in the treatment of my own patients.. These cutting edge products have virtually restored my life and well-being. I strongly recommend them to my patients and have begun to see remarkable changes in the health and clinical picture as well.

Thank you, Market Americas, for providing us with the most innovative, state-of-the-art products on the market.
Kenneth C. Rafferty, D.C.
Laconia, New Hampshire

Arthritis – Fibromyalgia – Allergies – Carpal Tunnel -- Hypoglycemia

I had allergies (which cause severe headaches - the kind you had to sleep off with medicine), fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel pain, and hypoglycemia. My allergies were so severe that I had to be out of work with severe headaches every time I came in contact with perfumes, air fresheners, or I came in contact with any loud smelling substance. The fibromyalgia and arthritis were to the point that I could not do anything without pain, I wore braces for carpal tunnel pain, and with hypoglycemia I had to watch what I ate all the time. Doctors had run out of choices in antibiotics that would work on me.

I was introduced to Mineral Blast® and within three days my allergies decreased. I then started taking OPC-3™ along with ThermoChrome™ Select and within the first three months I started to notice that I could walk up steps and comb my hair without pain. I also was able to get rid of braces for carpal tunnel pain. The longer I took the products the better I felt. After eight months I noticed that the pain in my hands from Arthritis was decreasing. I added our new product Glucosatrin® and the arthritis pain is very slight. Isochrome has taken care of my hypoglycemia. I also take Calcium, which has enabled me to have fingernails again and my bone density to increase.

I have been taking these products since 1997. To end this story let me tell you about what is one of the most wonderful things I could have happen to me. I know that if I were not on these products I would not have been able to accomplish this. My aunt from California came for a visit in 1999 and I took her to the North Carolina Zoo (big deal uh). Yes it is a big deal. She is 70 and I was able to push her in a wheel chair over the entire Zoo. Before October 1997 I could hardly walk up steps or up any incline without pain. I now can do what I please without pain; I can eat what I want, and am allergy free.
Lorraine Smith
Trinity, NC

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Degenerative Discs – Anxiety Attacks – (Mother’s) Fibromyalgia

I'm writing to tell you how important OPC-3™ is to my health. I was introduced to OPC-3™ two years ago by a co-worker. At the time, I was suffering from severe arthritic pain as well as pain caused from degenerated discs. A nerve block on the lower back gave me some relief from pain caused by the degenerated discs. As the effects of the nerve block gradually wore off, the pain became more severe. In addition, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. For 10 years I tried dozens of anti-inflammatory drugs, which were either ineffective or caused me to suffer from their unpleasant side effects. The more I learned about these drugs and what they could do to your body, the more reluctant I was to take them. I finally reached the point where I refused to take them at all, preferring to live with the pain rather than the side effects. Tylenol 3 was the only medication that I continued to take. From previous experience, I knew how addictive it could be and how it's effectiveness lessened the more you took and the longer you took it, so I restricted myself to just two Tylenol 3 after supper to give me a couple of hours of relief.
I started taking a double dose of OPC-3™ in the morning. Within a week I was amazed that my pain had lessened. After three weeks I was "Tylenol 3 Free", and feeling better than I had in ten years. Being somewhat skeptical, I stopped taking the OPC-3™, and after only a few days my pain returned. Naturally, I started taking it again. As the weeks went by, I noticed I was thinking clearer, anxiety attacks had disappeared, and I had greater mobility. I've been taking OPC-3™ for two years, and for all intents and purposes I am pain free, and for me, that's remarkable!
OPC-3™ has given my mother greater mobility and pain relief from her fibromyalgia; customers suffering from arthritis are getting relief; others find they have more energy; people working night shift now find it easier to adjust. I thank Market America for bringing this product to market.
Charles Weeks
Oxford, N. S.

Chronic Arthritis

My husband has suffered with chronic arthritis for years, and he has taken a series of "gold shots" about three years ago, and then from one medicine to another. As of now he is on Rheumatrex Methotrexate which has serious side effects and I asked the doctor to discontinue this drug because I know the harm that it can cause. We even had him to a specialist and after he examined my husband he said he is just going to live with it. He could not dress himself or go up or down any steps, and the Pain was constant in his shoulders, arms, legs.
Then, we went to see a chiropractor, and after he examined my husband he told him I want you on OPC-3™ to start with twelve capfuls a day for twenty eight days and after that cut down to one capful a day.
Well, after two weeks what a change. He is no longer helpless, he goes up and down the steps with no problems and is out working in the garden almost every day. And the pain is just about gone. What A Blessing!"
Elmira J. Cleaver


When I was four years old, I fell from the top rung of a playground slide. I landed on my right side and was knocked unconscious. I was transported to the hospital where they performed X-rays and found no broken bones and released me. What the doctors didn't realize was that my right shoulder muscle was severely injured and basically dislocated. Being so young at the time of the injury, my body then compensated for the loss of that shoulder muscle and therefore, the rest of my muscles and spine shifted. I now have a double S curve in my spine and an enlarged shoulder.

As with any muscle or sports injury, over time arthritis sets in. By the time I was eleven, I was having trouble with my back and my shoulder was noticeably enlarged. From this time on I was a patient of various chiropractors. By the time I was a young adult, I was having constant trouble and discomfort from my back, hips and shoulders. My search for someone who could hopefully correct this led me to chiropractors, medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, orthopedics, and also muscle therapists. I was told by more than one doctor that by the time I was in my 60's I would most likely be crippled by arthritis and all told me there was nothing that could be done to correct my shoulder.

By the time I was 32 I was experiencing a serious deterioration in my physical state. I was losing strength in my left arm, I was in constant pain in my back, hips and shoulder. I was dealing with insomnia because I could never be comfortable when I laid down for any length of time. I could not roll over in bed and sometimes could not even get up out of bed without help. I had to always be very careful and aware of how I was bending or moving so not to put my back out. I would even grin and bear having my kids wrap their arms around my waist to give me a hug because it hurt and I swear every muscle in my body ached and hurt to the touch. I was now 36 years old and being crippled with arthritis was becoming a scary reality for me. I couldn't find anyone that could give me any relief. I was introduced to OPC-3™ by a friend of mine who told me that it was supposed to help arthritis and sports injuries. At this point I thought, “What do I have to lose?” I tried OPC-3™ and believe it or not, within the first week my pain had decreased substantially. I could now sleep through the night for the first time in five years and could roll over in bed. I could lie in bed after waking instead of getting up immediately due to pain of laying down for a long period of time. I could walk and stand up straight first thing in the morning instead of hobbling around like a 90 year old woman for the first 15 minutes I was up. I had forgotten what it felt like to actually feel good and be able to move without hesitation. By the end of the first month, I was pain-free.
Sometimes I just sit and make myself remember how I used to feel and what a Wonderful thing OPC-3™ has done for me and how it has changed the quality of my life. I thank God every day for leading me to OPC-3™ and DB Enterprises.
Colleen Moreshead

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my feet and ankles. It wasn't the news I wanted to hear, but there it was. I was put on steroids and other aggressive drugs for inflammation and pain, but nothing ever seemed to slow the progressiveness of the disease; the pain got worse and the bones started to deteriorate. I have been on a number of aggressive treatment drugs and though they helped to some extent, the pain never went away, it was only more tolerable. I also began to have bouts with pleurisy that would last for days, which I have been told is also related to arthritis. I had surgery on my right foot to correct joint deformity because of bone deterioration. They fused my big toe and cut the joints from the other four toes.
Needless to say, my mobility is somewhat limited. It took me 8 weeks to recover from that surgery. I went back to work and being on my feet more, my foot swelled everyday. I figured the process of healing was going to take even longer. Friends introduced me to OPC-3™. I started taking one capful a day for about a week. After the first 3 days, I noticed that the swelling in my right foot had stopped. After about 2 weeks, I hadn't noticed a significant change in the actual pain of my arthritis. I spoke to someone about it and found out that I could be taking more, so that is what I did. I saturated my system with 6 capfuls a day: 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 2 before bed. Within 4 to 6 days, I noticed a dramatic change. And within the days and weeks to come, I was able to walk normally again. People noticed I wasn't limping anymore. I no longer have to take baby steps down the stairs, I can bound out of bed in the morning without having to wait for my joints to wake up and stop aching, I can pick up my 2 year old son without pain and even walk barefoot. I no longer have any pain in my chest from the pleurisy.
I am now taking one capful a day. .Occasionally, if I do experience some achiness, I just take 2 capfuls a day for 2 or 3 days and I'm pain-free again. OPC-3™ has made a tremendous impact on my quality of life.
Nancy P. Keinhofer


I have been taking pain medication for 7 years now for arthritis. I take Ibuprofen tablets, approximately 7 per day and still can not walk upstairs. I am 59 years of age. My discomfort has interfered in much of my work on a daily basis. I wake up every morning and can hardly move until I sit on the edge of my bed for a few moments to prepare myself to get out of bed. It is quite painful in the morning.
My wife met a woman who was a distributor for some company who was told had a product that was not a drug or another pain medication, and that it may help with my discomfort. I was not much of a believer in anything that was not a drug. I mean if it would help my pain why didn't my doctor know about it? Anyway, my wife nagged me to take it, so I eventually gave in.

I took 5 capfuls of OPC-3™ per day. I felt nothing the first day, nor the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th day - but on the 7th day I believed I was less sore in the morning when I tried to get out of bed. My wife said she noticed less "groaning". I kept taking the OPC-3™ but was quite negative about the whole thing.
I am still quite in "ahhhhh" about all these natural things, but if anything natural can help my pain, give me more energy and even allow me to sleep better, well I may be negative about all this supplement stuff, but I am no fool. I have not felt this comfortable and free of pain in years. This little grape tasting drink will be part of my daily intake forever!

Plus now that I take this, I can walk upstairs at my brothers house to the computer room, which I have not been able to do in years. They may not want me there, but I'm coming anyway. Who ever makes these products and gets them to my wife's friend who just happened to tell us about them, well I am surely grateful.
Enumclaw, WA

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Asthma – Diverticulitis – Osteoporosis -- Sleep Apnea

I am a 42 year-old female with many health problems. I have rheumatoid arthritis, chronic asthma, diverticulitis, osteoporosis, sleep apnea, B-12 deficiency and low potassium. These problems are mostly the results of 13 years of rheumatoid arthritis. I have been through many, many medications that helped my health problems, but nothing has worked like OPC-3™. I have been through so many medications that there aren't many left to try.

I am tired of being sick or hurting all the time. I am honestly sick of being sick. I have a 20 year-old daughter and a wonderful husband of 22 years. There have been times that I have not been able to do anything for them or with them. This is a low point in a person's life, especially a woman. There have been many times when all I did was moan and groan and scream because of all the pain. Nothing can kill the excruciating pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Nothing! If that wasn't enough, I developed chronic asthma 2 years ago. This has hospitalized me many times. Sometimes I didn't care if I died. It is very horrible trying to take a breath, when there is no breath.

A nurse told my husband about OPC-3™. I had nothing else to lose, so we decided I would try it. I started taking OPC-3™. Within 3 nights I was sleeping all night through. This I haven't done in 13 years, unless I was knocked out with drugs! I had no more diverticulitis pain within 3 days. I stopped my 2 breathing treatments a day and stopped using my 2 inhalers 2 times a day. This I did in 4 days after starting OPC-3™. I was on 18-24 hours of 2% oxygen. I now have reduced that to only at night when I sleep. My potassium has gone up 2 points in only 2 weeks. It is now normal for the first time in a year! I was on 4 hydrocodone a day for the rheumatoid pain; now I am only taking 1 or 2 a day. My pain is much better, as well as my stiffness and swelling. I don't remember when my back pain subsided. One day it was here, the next day it was gone.

Since I started OPC-3™, my energy level has been so high; I don't even have to nap during the day anymore. I feel more like my old self than I have in 13 years. I can now get up at 8 am and go until 10 pm. I can do some things that I have not done in years. This OPC-3™ has been a miracle for me. I know it will continue to help me, since I have only been on it for 24 days.
Nancy Newman
Danville, VA

Arthritis – Achy Joints

My primary motivation in trying OPC's was to find "natural" relief for myself. Having started a new business, I am working seven days a week. I began to feel as if I was "running out of gas". My joints ached daily. In the morning it would take several hours before I could walk without limping. I was having more frequent bouts of gout, a painful, metabolic arthritic condition I have suffered with for years. Because my condition was chronic, I began taking 3 capfuls of OPC-3™ daily for the first week, then decreased the dosage to 1 to 2 capfuls per day depending on how my body felt. By the third day, I felt a marked improvement in my mobility and it alleviated the stiff achy feeling. I do not feel tired. It has boosted my energy level, mental alertness and stamina. I have always been an upbeat person, but now I find myself smiling for no other reason but that I just feel good!

I have since gotten my mother to use OPC-3™ for her aches and pains. She was on a daily dose of 1100 mg of pain and anti-inflammatory medication for chronic pain in her shoulder. The medication did not alleviate the pain. After the first day of taking OPC's, she was able to raise her arm again without the pain. My mom sent me a thank you note that said it was an answer to her prayers. She told me, "Beverly, I gave you life and now isn't it ironic that in a sense, you have given me life?". I have just sent my dad a bottle of OPC-3™. He has suffered from debilitating bouts of migraine headaches for forty years. I have no doubt that it will help him too! Again Thank You.
Nashua, NH

Arthritis – Nerve Disorders

When then subject of my being arthritic comes up in conversation, the reaction from others is usually one of disbelief. After all, they see an apparently healthy woman in her early forties with no visible signs of disability. I then explain that I have experienced a number of injuries resulting in nine orthopedic surgeries. Injuries and surgeries that are orthopedic in nature cause a change in the chemical balance of the area producing inflammations that become arthritis. Thus, I think it is safe to say, I know what arthritis is.

In addition to the arthritis, I have also experienced severe nerve damage in both arms resulting from an automobile accident I was involved in. I had two surgeries performed on my right arm in an attempt to increase the nerve conduction. The first was to have been a carpal tunnel release, however, the doctors found an abnormal nerve structure and wound up performing major reconstructive surgery on my hand as well. The second was an ulnar nerve transposition wherein they moved the ulnar nerve from it's exposed position in my elbow to where it should have been. As the relief I experienced from these two major surgeries was minimal at best, I refused to have the surgeries on my left arm. Over the following four years I just learned to live with the pain and limitations on my activities. For you to truly comprehend the extent of those limitations, let me give you a couple of examples of what I would experience: I could only manage to write approximately two or three lines before my hand would cramp and I would involuntarily drop the pen. Typing was nearly impossible because I could only get through about one or two minutes before I would experience shooting pains, not just up my fingers, but through my hands and all the way up my arms. I began purchasing every ergonomic anything I could (including a battery operated flour shifter) to help me lead as "normal" an existence as possible.
In February I started taking OPC-3™. To tell the truth, I expected that at best I would probably experience only minimal relief from the arthritis, if anything at all. I never expected what ultimately did happen. Almost immediately, I noticed that joint pain began to diminish. Note - that I never took a saturation dose. From the beginning I only took one capful per day (although this is not the recommended approach). Approximately four months later I was walking up a flight of stairs on a very cold, wet and miserable day. The pain in my right knee (the one that has had four surgeries) was excruciating. But, I realized that I had not experienced the pain since I started taking OPC's. As far as I was concerned, it proved to me that OPC-3™ worked! A month or two later I began to notice that no matter how long I typed on a computer, I was no longer experiencing the shooting pains. I found that as I wrote, I rarely had to stop and massage my fingers. It suddenly dawned on me that if OPC-3™ can help nerve disorders such as restless leg syndrome, then that must be what was helping me, not just with regard to the arthritis, but nerve damage as well.

I am truly grateful for OPC-3™ and the restoration of a normal lifestyle. I have become a firm believer in the saying, "OPC-3™ is a product for life".
Weymouth, MA

Arthritis – Bursitis – Bleeding Gums

OPC's have worked wonders in my life. I had arthritis in my knees, and bursitis in my shoulder and now I do not feel any symptoms at all. I used to get up three or four times a night to go to the bathroom and now I sleep the whole night through.
My gums used to bleed a lot and my teeth were getting loose around my gums, and that has now stopped. My dentist wanted to know what I was doing and I told him was taking an Isotonic product called OPC-3™. He said he had never heard of it. I don't have any trouble thanks to OPC's.
Albany, OR


I'll tell my husband's testimonial first. He is a candidate for hip replacement due to severe arthritis that has taken over in both hips. He is a 58 year-old man that has worked in a cement plant for the last 40 years and he also “teamropes” for a hobby. (Team roping is a competitive event, riding a horse with a partner, catching a steer by the head and the feet for a time). Anyway, the arthritic pain was so severe he could hardly walk or get up when he sat down, much less ride his horse for any length of time.

Being a stubborn man that he is, going to the doctor took many years of pain before he finally went to see what they could do. After x-rays and speaking with the doctor, he was told he would probably need surgery in the next few years if not before and was given some pain medication and sent home.

I started doing some research on arthritis because I too have had severe problems with it I found a book called “The Arthritis Cure” written by an orthopedic surgeon, Jason Theodosakis. It only took me one evening to get enough information out of that book to realize that there might be some help we could obtain that the doctors couldn't or wouldn't supply. I immediately bought a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement at the drug store and started on that. This seemed to help some, but the pain was still a constant reminder that I had a problem.

Then I meet a friend who told by about OPC-3™ and showed me a video she had about OPC-3™ and the body. I ordered the product from her and we did the loading program for 30 days. My husband started feeling significant relief within six weeks. He stopped taking his pain medication and now only takes Tylenol Arthritis pain relief when he has been riding for an extensive time. If it hadn't been for the knowledge, I feel my husband would have been in surgery long ago, but he is still going, thank God. It has been nearly a year since we started taking the OPC-3™ and I swear by it. At first my husband balked at putting out money for any kind of vitamins, pills, etc. but now he realizes that the money is not what counts, the health of the body far supersedes the minimal cost.

I also think that another benefit we have received from the OPC-3™ is that neither one of us has gotten the flu this year and it has really been a bad year in our area.
Cheryl A. Uen
Tehachapi, CA

Arthritis -- Liver Problems

For over 15 years, due to the nature of my work, I have been exposed to chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc. While in a Halifax hospital for surgery, it was discovered that I had an abnormally high enzyme count in my liver. As I do not consume alcohol, this condition could possibly be due to long-term exposure to pollutants in the workplace. I was required to have my enzyme count checked every three months -- it remained abnormally high, but nothing was done to correct the problem, which persisted for two years.

On August 25 I started taking OPC-3™. In mid-October when I had my scheduled blood tests, the enzyme count in my liver had lowered considerably. Tests in April showed that the enzyme count was now normal, and has remained normal since that time. My working conditions haven't changed appreciably, so I attribute this improvement in my health to OPC-3™.

In addition to this health benefit, I had also suffered from arthritic symptoms for a number of years, and had taken various anti-inflammatories, which were ineffective or upset my digestive system. Since taking OPC-3™, I have been pain free. At one point I stopped taking this product and within a few days my arthritic symptoms returned. As soon as I started taking OPC-3™ again, those symptoms were gone. Needless to say, I continue to take OPC-3™ faithfully, and will probably continue to do so forever.
Craig R.
Oxford Junction Nova Scotia

Arthritis – Migraines – Colds – Mood Swings

Thank you!!! For the past 10 years I have been suffering with symptoms of arthritis, including pain and stiffness in my joints, especially in the early morning. When I would wake in the middle of the night to nurse my infant daughter, I would literally fall over from lack of flexibility in my ankle and toe joints. My hands and heels were swollen and in so much pain, it was difficult to type or do routine chores, or put any pressure on my feet, which made it almost impossible to walk! My mother suggested that I use the OPC-3™, and although very skeptical, I began to take a double dose daily. Within 1 week, I noticed a remarkable difference, and within 3 weeks, I experienced no pain, whatsoever! I have now been taking the OPC-3™ for 1 1/2 years, and have yet to experience any pain! I continue to take a double dose of the OPC-3™ as well as the other Isotonic products which I firmly believe have led me to a significantly healthy lifestyle in where I have experienced no further migraines, colds, flu's, mood swings and much more.
You have made me feel like myself again!
Michelle Chauvette

Arthritis – Knee Pain

Yes, the Glucosatrin® did help my situation. I had gone to the doctor thinking that I was going to have another knee operation - my left knee was scoped a year ago - this time it was my right knee. He said that I had damaged the knee from my aggressive running program here in the mountains - Colorado. He suggested 4 Advil 3 times per/day.

After two weeks with no improvement I was worried that I might be causing problems to other organs in my body. I was talking to Don Wann (great name) who was also having knee pain and had just returned from a training with this new product "Glucosatrin®" I told him I would like to try it. I ordered a bottle and did the loading dose - in my case it was 2 tablets 3x's a day for 5 days, then 2 tablets 2x's a day for 4 days, and now 2 tablets a day.

This has taken place over the last 4 weeks and I tell you I am a believer in this product - I just started running again with no pain. Before starting this product I couldn't even step off the sidewalk with my right leg without lots of pain. I never offer products to any of my clients without testing them first myself and believe me I am really pushing "Glucosatrin®" now to all my friends that even hint at having pain in their knee's. Hope this helps!

Degenerative Arthritis

For eleven years I have been using an anti-inflammatory medication to relieve pain and strain of degenerative arthritis in my left knee caused from strain as a result of a weaker Polio stricken right leg. I am 71 years old this year.
A friend told me of the relief she received from OPC-3™. I was skeptical at first and resisted taking it, but, faced with having blood tests every six months and the long-range side effects of NSAIDS, I started taking OPC-3™ exclusively, and stopped taking NSAIDS immediately. On the eighth day, all the pain in my knee and sacroiliac was completely gone. After 11 years on NSAIDS this was a miracle. My hips are a bit stiff on getting up in the morning, but with movement it passes and I am able to continue with stretch exercises and water aerobics with no discomfort.
My husband also takes OPC-3™ and has gone off NSAIDS completely. We are grateful to have learned about OPC-3™. Our future well-being is now most promising because we love to travel and hope to continue for many years to come.
Elsie L. Hilsinger
Boulder City, Nevada

Chronic Arthritis

OPC-3™ is the greatest product in our line! I have suffered from chronic arthritis for over a year. It has cost me thousands of dollars in medical treatment. My Rheumatologist is absolutely amazed that all the pain has left my arms and shoulders since I started on OPC-3™. Three days after I took four capfuls a day, all the pain ceased. Up until this time it would take 1 to 2 hours each morning to be able to use my arms.

I have been on a potent medication called Rheumatrex Methotrexate, which can have severe side effects. My blood had to be treated every 2 weeks until March and then once a month. When my doctor he wanted to know what I was doing different because my blood test came back perfect for the first time since treatment.

I told him I was taking OPC-3™ and the positive effects I was experiencing and he was very pleased.
Lorraine Lilley

Arthritis – Bone Spur – Energy -- Colds

My daughter is a distributor for Market America products. She convinced me to try both the OPC-3™ and Ultimate Aloe, and I'm glad she did.

I had been experiencing arthritic symptoms, as well as a painful bone spur on my heel. OPC-3™ relieved my arthritis very quickly, and after 3-4 months, I realized that my heel was no longer painful. In addition, I generally feel better.
I have great faith in the Aloe as well. I belong to a large singing group and find I have more energy and stamina than many of the younger members, even after standing on risers all day at an intensive workshop.

All fall and winter many members were absent from rehearsals due to colds and the flu, while I have not missed a practice due to my health. My 10-year-old granddaughter found it very helpful for sore throats, etc. I would gladly recommend either of these products to anyone wanting to improve their general state of health.
Kay D.
Oxford, N.S.

Arthritis – Sinus -- Fatigue

I had come home from San Francisco from a 2 week training course for work and my back ached beyond belief. I went to the doctor thinking I had something like meningitis since the pain was so bad. He told me I have arthritis. He gave me a prescription for Relafen and sent me to therapy. As time when on I started to ached in the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. I was very cautious to take the medication because it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding (all the anti-inflammatory medications cause that). I only took it when the pain was unbearable.

A friend came over with a bottle of OPC-3™ and told me to take it and I would feel better. I was very doubtful about anything helping me. I tried it, thinking it can't make me worse than I already am. After a week I got a rash on my arms. I found out that the rash was a good thing, because my body was so polluted I was going through a detoxification. The second week I felt like I was 20 years younger. No more pain, I had energy, I felt so much better that I was able to enjoy myself and was happy again. I am capable of doing simple daily things that I couldn't do before. I told my husband that our friend who brought over the OPC-3™ to our house that night is my angel. I feel as though he has saved my life and has given me a second chance. Now I also take Glucosatrin® which is an extra bonus for me. It helps lubricate the joints and rebuilds the cartilage. I have not had to take any medication. I am so glad about that because I was afraid of that medication causing even more serious problems for me. Actually I don't take any medication at all. Before I was taking sinus medications like crazy and wouldn't leave home without it. My sinuses were terrible. Now, like I said, I have no medications at all. No sinus problems, no achy joints, no more fatigue.

I thank my angel for giving me back my life again. I will always be grateful to him for bringing the OPC-3™ to my house that night.
Krisann Grabka
E. Hartford, CT

Degenerative Arthritis

Yes I was diagnosed with Degenerate Arthritis in my neck about two 1/2 years ago. Before that I fought a stiff neck that was very painful for about 5 years. I would wake up in the morning and would not be able to turn my head. The pain from my neck has also spread down both of my arms. My hands would go numb at night. I have serve pain in both shoulders where I cannot sleep on my side. I also experience pain in my right elbow and right wrist (I was tested for carpal tunnel and that was negative). I went to a therapist and did over head traction, I saw several different doctors. If finally took a neurologist to diagnosis my neck, he prescribed medicine with a unlimited amount of refills. During these 5 - 6 years I was taking all different kinds of pain medicine. Methocarbamol, Cephalexin 500mg, Naproxen 500mg, Lodine XL 400mg. Also, taking Advil any where from 6 - 8 sometimes 10 a day. Your body builds a tolerance to medicine. Then it just doesn't work. I am currently 40 years old.
Two years ago my best friend of more than 20 years introduced me to OPC-3™. It took more than 3 months before I felt any difference. I have been on OPC-3™ for two years now taking any where from 2,4, 6 doses a day depending on my pain. I do not take any of the other prescribed medicine. The prescribed medicine and the Advil had also giving me stomach troubles which I am healing with the Aloe now. When my doctor diagnosed me with degenerative arthritis he also told me that I had to live with this condition and that one day I would need surgery. He told me to wait as long as possible for the surgery, sometime in my 60's. I just couldn't seeing living 20 years in this kind of pain. I was also depressed and 30 lbs over weight. I have lost 20 lbs and I am more energetic. I still have some pain but it is nothing like before. I also take vitamin C, B-12, Calcium, and Mineral Blast®.
I know I will never be completely pain free but I do feel a lot better.
Danielle Weaver

Arthritis or Degenerative Cartilage

1 took a nasty fall at my father-in-law's house and thought nothing of it because I felt no pain. However, two days later, my right knee became extremely painful and swollen. From then on I suffered constantly whether trying to sleep, work, or simply get around.

Things seemed to improve and then my left knee flared up for no apparent reason. I went to doctors three times, had x-rays, blood test, etc. They shot me up with cortisone and xylocaine and gave me pain pills and anti- inflammatory type pills. They suggested that I may have arthritis or degenerative cartilage. No matter what, I was in constant pain.

I could not sleep and could not function comfortably without pain pills. The constant pain and the favoring of my knee eventually caused both knees and ankles to hurt all the time.

Even though this stuff had been going on for seven months, I did not want my condition to deprive my wife and I of a hard earned vacation. We took off to Mexico with me hardly being able to walk. The Haywards had just introduced us to OPC-3™ I started taking it when we arrived at the Hotel. I hobbled around for a few days, just taking in the sights from a bus or a cab. By the third day, I felt good enough to take the stairs to the beach. This was quite a feat. I made it down and back up. The next day I felt good enough to do it again. Even though I got caught by a killer rip tide that day (which put a strain on my bad knee), I made it up the stairs and was only a little bit stiff from the ordeal. I went up and down those stairs eight times while we were there, and I left Mexico with no pain in my knees nor ankles.
I am firmly convinced that OPC-3™ was directly responsible for the turn-around in my condition where doctors and various drugs have been unsuccessful. I have been pain free since I have returned home.
John T. Haskell

Arthritis – Tendonitis -- Allergies

When I began taking OPC-3™ in August, I was concerned about the effect the product would have on my baby because she was breastfed at that time. Because of this, I only took one capful each day, I did not take a loading dose. Even doing that I experienced some relief from my arthritis pain and I had more energy. Then I discussed the product with a nurse and my doctor and did some research myself and came to the conclusion that there was nothing in the OPC-3™ that would hurt my baby. I immediately began taking 3 caps per day.

Not only have I experienced relief from the pain of arthritis and tendonitis, I am now allergy free. I use to have to take a prescription drug for 8 out of 12 months in the year. Even with the prescription I would develop at least one sinus infection in the spring and one in the fall.

It has been one full year now and I have had no allergy symptoms or sinus infections. I know that it is because of OPC-3™ that I am pain free, allergy free, and drug free.
Kellie Jones
Reidsville, NC

Arthritis – Bad Back

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with OPC-3™ and what it has done for my medical challenges. About 36 years ago I injured my right knee in a skiing accident. About 10 years later I drove a freight truck for three years. Jumping off the back of a four foot high truck deck onto my right leg about 60 times a day finally finished the knee off. I would be walking across the warehouse floor with parcels and the knee would just give out and down I would go. As the list of damaged freight grew, my chances of continued employment shrank. The doctors actually wanted to take the knee cap off and smooth the underside of it. Sounded like too much pain for me.
They told me at that time that no matter what I did I was in line for getting arthritis in my knee in about 25 years. They were exactly right. About 8 years ago the mobility in my right knee started to decrease to the point where at times I had as little as 15 % mobility in the knee and constant pain. Skiing meant taking a bottle of Tylenol with me.

Over two years ago I started taking OPC-3™. Within about 6 weeks the pain was less and the mobility started to increase. I now have no pain at all and 100% mobility. I can actually bend my knee back to the point where I can touch the back of my leg with my heel. On several occasions I have been without OPC-3™, either on purpose or because I ran out of supplies. In all cases my knee went back to its former condition in about three days. Within 6-8 hours of starting OPC-3™ again my knee would be back to 100%.

Now, about my back that used to be "a bad back". I ruptured a disc in my lower back. The doctors wanted to operate but again that pain thing got in the way. So I opted for 7 weeks in hospital with lumbar traction treatments. My back was usable but I always had to be careful not to strain it or overwork it suddenly or it would go into those dreadful spasms. Since I started using OPC-3™ I have had fewer and fewer setbacks. These spasms could lay me out for three or four days of misery.
About a month ago I started working part-time landscaping an estate. Not being used to doing this kind of work since last summer I expected to feel a little stiff the next morning. No stiffness!! The past two days I have been on the end of a very large grubhook hacking out a trench for a 3 inch irrigation line through some 500 feet of forest located on the estate. I ran into large rocks, roots, you name it. Both days I worked for 4 hours straight. The following mornings I got out of bed with absolutely no stiffness at all. I suddenly realized how far I have come with the help of OPC-3™. Not the slightest sign of any stiffness , and better yet, no spasms.!!!!

Market America and OPC-3™ have given me the ability to function at the level of a person much younger than myself. It feels just great to be young again. Thanks Market America.........for everything !!!!
Yours truly,
Bruce R. Brown (the newer, younger version)


I had a weak knee from tennis, golf and being overweight and walked down steps one at a time like an old man . My wife had arthritis in her knees for several years and suffered so that it took several hours each morning before she was able to begin her daily routine. She had been told by her Dr that she was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. In three days on the loading dose of OPC-3™, I was able to walk down steps normally without pain. On the tenth day, my wife awoke and informed me that her knees were not stiff. We bought a second bottle of OPC-3™ and before it was used, I could see the change in her knees. The redness was gone and so was the swelling.

Today we both take OPC-3™ daily - I take a normal dose and she takes 3 caps. She is now taking Glucosatrin® which we hope will make surgery unnecessary.
Don Bishop, EC
Waynesville, NC

Arthritis -- Temperament

I knew it, but you just confirmed it. My husband, now 42, has had an awful time with arthritis. It began about 6 years or so ago. He had been taking a drug called Ansaid, an anti-inflammatory. The doctor told him that it was up to him--he could not take the Ansaid and hurt or he could take it, but have a chance of it causing damage to his liver in later years. It had gotten to the point that even with the Ansaid, he could not grip a screwdriver or even snap his fingers. Needless to say, a very dear friend introduced me to OPC-3™. I brought the OPC-3™ home and told my husband I wanted him to take it. He laughed and said, "Yeah, right, I really believe that a bunch of pine trees and some grapes are gonna fix my problem." He played around with taking it until we finally got him to sit down and take a look at the business. I told him if we were going to do this, he had to be serious about taking the product. I wanted to make sure it really worked.

Well, needless to say, that was in late July. He started cutting back on his Ansaid and after about 2 months, he was completely off of it and has been since. He is even able to snap his fingers now which he was unable to do for 5 years. He says that once something has been taken away from you, it is truly a miracle when it's given back.

We are now true believers in what OPC-3™ can do for you.

Oh, yeah, during all this process I had told my husband that the OPC-3™ was making him much "nicer to be around." Even my sister asked me what was going on with him. She also said he seemed happier and was not as ill-tempered as usual. Tony laughed (and still does) and told us we were crazy, but we knew better. So yes, it does help with temperament!!! I believe that, too.

Now, Tony is Local Coordinator of our area and a true believer in not only the products, but in Market America, too, because it has truly changed his life--physically and financially.
Kathy (and Tony) Edwards
Stoneville, NC


Like your friend I had intense knee pain due to two knee operations. Being a physical education teacher and coach for 32 years and on my feet constantly for 10 hours a day intensified the situation to the point that my knee swelled up every day! I was told by the medical personnel that I had arthritis; and also I had bone and joint degeneration because I was bone on bone on the medial side of my right knee. Another problem was that I was limping and causing problems in my left hip.
The last orthopedic person that I consulted gave me three choices: (1) an injection of liquid into the knee that acts like cartilage, but the doctor said that my knee was so bad that it might help a day or two, (2) a high tibial osteotomy which involved removing a piece of bone from my tibia, which would make me knock kneed instead of slightly bowlegged, or (3) a total knee replacement.

As one can see my choices were not good at age 56! I told the doctor no thanks to any of the options and started looking for alternative cures. OPC-3™ provided some relief from swelling and inflammation and vitamin C intensified the absorption, but I still needed specific relief from arthritis and chronic joint pain. I bought a case of Glucosatrin® at convention, not fully convinced, because I had tried chondroitin, glucosamine, and alfalfa before. After loading the Glucosatrin® in my system I am basically pain free in my right knee for the first time in years! I am back to a little running and a lot of walking, and I feel great! After running competitively in high school, college, and 15 marathons after that, it is great to do some running again!
Don Wann
Parkville, Md.

Arthritis – Triple Bypass – Diaabetes – High Blood Pressure -- Sinus

This date makes my one year anniversary of my new lease on life, and I would like to thank you and Market America for the wonderful products you have introduced me to.
In the previous eight years, I had triple by pass surgery, subsequent angioplasty, diabetes, high blood pressure, increasing sinus problems, frequent heart palpitations, and advancement of constant arthritis pain, in my shoulders, arms, hands, and feet, especially in my feet, so I could walk only from my car to inside the mall and I would have to sit down.

My doctor had put me on Pycnogenol tablets, for three months I took them and I did not notice significant change... Then, you introduced me to OPC-3™... I took a double dose as recommended daily, and within a few weeks I noticed changes little by little...First the throbbing pain in my hands and feet disappeared, next I noticed that I had not taken any sinus pills for a while and here it is a year later and I still have not had to take a pill for my sinus. OPC-3™ is great. Next I noticed I could walk up a flight of stairs normally instead of one step at a time like I used to.

Before I took OPC-3™ I could not open my hands to reach an octave on my piano, and had not played for over a year, but now I have no problem with my hands.
My cardiologist had started me on a physical therapy program in his rehab clinic with an ultimate goal of ten minutes on the stress walker. I could not get beyond six minutes without my leg giving out on me. After three months on OPC-3™, I was now able to do ten minutes and after I rest a half hour I go back and do ten more minutes. My blood pressure has been normal for the past year and so has my blood sugar been normal. I have more energy, I can be on my feet longer, go shopping and I keep on improving. I'm almost 81 years old. I also take CoEnzyme Q10 and Oxygen Plus™, daily.
Thank you Market America.
Lena Lyons

Degenerative Arthritis – Varicose Veins

OPC-3™ has done wonders for me. I have degenerative arthritis in my left ankle, right shoulder, and between the 4th and 5th vertebrae. The ankle and shoulder are from breaks (jumping out of perfectly good airplanes); my neck from a motorcycle accident.

Before OPC-3™ I had difficulty in walking and could not raise my right arm up. I started taking OPC-3™ to get rid of hay fever. Slowly, almost without me noticing, other things began to improve. OPC-3™ is like WD-40 to my body. It took about a year for my vericose veins to start disappearing. Way before that my walking improved. Now, 2 yr. later, I can even wear heals again, something I had not done in almost 10 years.

About 15 months after I started on OPC-3™, my right arm had total movement again. I had given up golfing. Now I can golf again -- my handicap is improving. Everyone is calling me a sandbagger. Ha!

OPC-3™ is not a miracle cure but it is miraculous! Today, it will get rid of free radicals that accumulate today. Depending on how much the accumulation is, after it gets rid of today's radicals, it goes back to yesterday to get rid of whatever is still there. Slowly, it takes care of your past -- as quickly as it can get there.
All my friends say I look years younger and healthier now. Everyone asks how I did it! Whenever I feel like my body needs additional "oiling", I take an additional 2 capfuls at night before going to bed. What a difference it makes.
Alma Orive
Hampton, VA

Degenerative Arthritis -- Migraines

I am a nurse in Springfield, Missouri. I sustained an auto accident, resulting in multiple fractures. The end result was degenerative arthritis in my right ankle and migraine headaches almost daily.

I had tried strong anti-inflammatories and was wearing a hard plastic brace for my work. If I planned anything after work for fun I had to wear a metal brace on my right ankle. The pain was so bad that I decided to try OPC-3™, introduced to me by a co-worker at the hospital. For the first 2 weeks I took the dose prescribed for my weight, then I began taking it according to the recommended daily dose. After the first bottle was gone I started a second one. One day it hit me, "I was not hurting!" I took off my brace and I still wasn't hurting!

It has been 2 months now and I have cut my anti-inflammatory medicine dosage in half. I wear an ankle support for my right ankle and I don't have any daily pain. My headaches have gone from daily to 1 or 2 monthly. This is the best supplement that I have been given. I have recommended OPC-3™ to everyone I know who has chronic pain.
Thanks Market America and Rae Ann Barnes for introducing me to this fabulous supplement!
Jeanette Rapp
Springfield, Missouri

Arthritis – High Blood Pressure -- Cholesterol

For 15 years, I suffered with arthritis pain in my neck; sometimes extreme. But the pain was constant, 24 hours a day. After just three days of taking OPC-3™ in March, I have been totally pain free! Nothing would have prepared me for the profound sense of relief and freedom OPC-3™ has given me. It has also enabled me to bring a consistently high blood pressure down to normal limits, and to bring a cholesterol level that was over 300 down under 200! Prescription drugs were not able to accomplish this in four years!
I will take OPC-3™ for the rest of my life!
Steven Baker
Greensburg, PA


Please accept this note as a testament for OPC-3™, which I have been taking for about three months now. I have arthritis in my neck, causing problems with pinched nerves in my shoulders. Also the arthritis is in my lower back, resulting in back pain during the night and difficulty getting up in the morning. Since I have been using OPC-3™, the pain in both areas of my spine has lessened, especially in my lower back. My sleep is more restful and getting up in the morning is definitely easier! I am convinced that the OPC-3™ is greatly responsible for this improvement in my health. Although skeptical of new products, I am very happy that I starting using this one!
Fern Doucette

Rheumatoid Arthritis

We had a customer who my wife works with in a nursing facility, who’s been on the OPC now for just about 2 months, and has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for a significantly long period of time. She’s only 31 years old. She gave us a call last week, all excited. She had just gotten back from her doctor, who could not believe that almost the entire effects of her rheumatoid arthritis have disappeared. He was so impressed, in fact, that we actually have set up a meeting to go speak with him because he definitely wants to know what she’s been taking and what she’s been doing in order to offset the effects of the rheumatoid arthritis because he just couldn’t believe it. He was absolutely amazed.
So the products do work – they work fantastic and I just wanted to pass that along to the field.
Jim Shippley
Green Bay, WI

Arthritis and Glucosatrin®

"This is Dr. Graham Jones, Family Practitioner from Medford, New Jersey. A few words about our magnificent new product, Glucosatrin®, which I hope you'll find helpful.
Glucosamine has been around for a number of years and, at the present, the vast majority of products out there, who are competitors of ours, have chondroitin in them. Chondroitin, which was originally intended to cooperate with the glucosamine in a way whereby cartilage would be added to the ends of the long bones, in fact, interferes with and therefore there should not be chondroitin in a product if it's to be effective. As you know, our product does not have chondroitin in it.
This (chondroitin) is often referred to as shark cartilage or chicken cartilage. In essence, though the theory was good, in practice chondroitin has been demonstrated to interfere with the effectiveness of glucosamine.

An additional point to be made and with regard to Glucosatrin, is that in order to obtain optimum blood levels of glucosamine, one needs to have glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride in proper proportion, which our product has. There are other products that have only glucosamine sulfate, (they) simply do not provide adequate blood levels in order to provide the healing effect of the glucosamine on the cartilage at the ends of the long bones.

Here in South Jersey, we have a group of orthopedic surgeons who have been using glucosamine for some time and they tell me that in the past year alone they had 38 patients who were scheduled to have either hip replacement or knee replacement, (end up) not needing the surgery because of the benefits of glucosamine. Their recommendation for effective treatment is 2000 mg. of glucosamine a day for men and 1500 mg. a day for women. Now, bear in mind this (dosage) is for patients with serious, severe, arthritic problems, and this (dosage) exceeds our daily recommended dose after the loading dose by about 300%.

I have patients in my office, since I have been using Glucosatrin®, who have responded beautifully and these have included people with problems other than arthritic problems, such as, a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome who had dramatic response even after a week and a half of Glucosatrin®. I, myself, have had a rotor cuff strain in the shoulder and in a period of 3 weeks, have experienced dramatic improvement in that problem using Glucosatrin®.

Another point to be made about our wonderful product is that we have in it something that makes it authentically unique. That is a naturally occurring, herbal origin, anti-inflammatory compound, which has the chemical characteristics of what is referred to as a cox-2 inhibitor, which protects the stomach. The leading prescription drug in the world today is a drug known as Celebrex, which is a cox-2 inhibitor. No other product has an anti-inflammatory included in it, and it affords additional healing momentum, in addition to pain relief. Glucosamine itself also offers some significant pain relief.

I hope these comments are helpful to you. We have a wonderful product. I, personally, think that Glucosatrin® is going to exceed OPC-3® in product popularity in our company. Time will tell, we'll see. Enjoy!"
Transcript of ATG VoiceMail Message from Dr. Graham Jones

Monday, July 17, 2006

Celiac Disease Testimony

Our 21 year special needs son was diagnosed w/ celiac disease when he was 14. He(and We) have been on the products for almost 4 years. I'm sure you know this; but I'll repeat it anyway. A product is Gluten Free when all the ingredients are Gluten Free and the process to manufacture them is also Gluten Free.

We have a list from MA Corporate of the GF products. I'm sure there are additional new products which we don't have on our list. It's best to check with corporate to acquire a current list. We have not investigated any of the Motives products.
I'll have to disagree on some of the products which you listed as NOT GF.
The following products ARE Gluten Free
The Transitions Shakes ARE Gluten Free(GF). As you stated, the meals and bars are NOT.
The Complete Greens
Prime Factors for Men & Women
Thermochrome Ephedra Free
Oxygen plus
Advanced Level 90
Lipitrim Ultra Advanced
Essential Omega III
All if the Isotonix line
Aloe Juice
Ultimate Aloe Gel
Skintelligence Line
Vitashield Line
Timeless Prescription

Hope this helps some.

Bob & Lorraine Donovan

Avascular Necrosis Testimony

OPC will help tremendously with the inflammation. It depends on the stage of the disease as to whether OPC will stand a chance of helping to get the blood supply started again or not. I unfortunately had AVN many years prior to knowing about OPC and had already had both shoulders replaced prior to starting on OPC. However, OPC changed my life completely because it took the extremely painful inflammation away from the prostheses. I am attaching my entire story about AVN so you can forward this to your potential customer.

I feel very sorry for your customer because it is one of the most painful diseases out there and there is no relief from the pain. I lived on pain pills around the clock for almost 4 years plus took cortisone shots quarterly in each joint to try to subside the pain until I had no choice but to replace the joints.

Good luck to you and your customer!!!! Feel free to pass on my e-mail if this person needs more information. I've been there and done that!!

Keren Gibson

Lymes Disease Testimony

Hi, Sherry.
Terry forwarded your email to me, b/c my husband & I dug ourselves out of the Lymes abyss last year with help from Market America products. So much to tell you about... Get a cup of coffee/tea & get comfortable...

After starting on antibiotics early in 2005, Brandon & I both started feeling worse before we started feeling better (which the doctor warned us would likely happen). Prior to the antibiotics, Bran was taking Nexium & I was taking Prevacid for acid reflux & ulcers (apparently symptomatic to the Lymes). The antibiotics apparently cancel out the effectiveness of these medicines, so there was no point in taking the Nexium/Prevacid. I was very nervous about going off reflux medicine that had given me so much relief, but my homeopathic-minded chiropractor convinced me to try probiotics... To help w/ stomach & intestinal health in general... And to help offset the loss of good bacteria due to the antibiotics. A single dose of the Digestive Enzymes w/ Probiotics would be for maintaining normal health. If you are taking antibiotics or have digestive system issues, I highly recommend taking 2 or 3 doses a day.I've been off the antibiotics for 4 months now, and I still take probiotics... Haven't felt the need to take the Prevacid even once!

Also drinking the Aloe Juice (I prefer Strawberry-Kiwi flavor) has great soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits. Terry could explain the benefits of it more thoroughly. I just know it helps my stomach! I especially find it useful when I start getting hungry again at bedtime, and I don't want to eat a snack... The Aloe helps to sooth my hungry stomach, so I can go to sleep.

The most significant benefit Brandon & I have experienced has been from the OPC-3 antioxidant. Last spring when our symptoms were getting worse before better, someone from the Del. Lymes Assoc. told me that the antibiotics killing off the Lymes spirochetes could cause a build-up of dead cellular matter in the system that needs desperately to be flushed out of the bloodstream & liver. We tried the OPC-3, and in just 4 days we noticed our blurred vision, brain fog(constant lack of mental clarity), speech/enunciation problems, etc. all starting to dissipate! Again, like the probiotics one dose is for normal health. I have to admit I was taking 3 doses daily, and Brandon started out on 4 doses & cut back to 3 doses. As a side benefit, I haven't been sick once since I've been taking the OPC. And my miserable fall & spring allergies have been virtually non-existent! I only recently cut back to 2 doses, but as I've felt better/stronger I'm testing the waters on getting down to regular doses of products.

I can't emphasize enough how much these products have helped us reclaim a happy, healthy quality of life!

Hope you find success in your Lymes recovery!
Liz Madison

Acid Reflux Testimony

July 6, 2006
Dear MA Dist.
Quick and simple answer is OPC-3, Ultimate Aloe, and a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar before and/or after each meal.

The Long explanation is as follows:
Acid Reflux is caused by: 1- insufficient amounts of acid and enzymes for digestion in the stomach.(not what the doctor tells you about too much acid--I'll explain this at the end) 2- not chewing your food sufficiently (at least 20 times per bite. 3- drinking fluids while you gobble and swallow too fast, thus diluting the enzymes that are sublingual and submandibular (under the tongue and under the jaw line basically) 4- not eating enough raw fruits and vegetables that are organically grown, processed and shipped. If you bite into an apple and it doesn't turn
brown in just 20-30 minutes ----It has been irradiated during shipment.(that killed all the natural enzymes so it would have a longer shelf life---good for grocer's pockets but a killer for your digestive system.) Raw fruits and veggies (organic) have a lot of enzymes to break down the fibers for you. If you eat more raw fruits and veggies, chew well, leave off the fluids during the meal, you will digest approx. 60-70% of your food before it gets to the stomach which has been so overloaded that it can not produce adequate enzymes. Eating the so-called American diet (sugar, starch, meat for protein), not chewing properly, and drinking lots of soda, coffee, caffinated teas, and watered-down juices) leaves the stomach over-loaded and unable to digest and empty out the total contents. Therefore, the remainder is left to rot-(proteins) turn rancid-(fats) and
ferment-(carbs);this fine acid gas rises to the top and burns all the way up. The left over garbage heap made its own gas from lack of enough hydrochoric Acid and
enzymes! Yes' "Tums" has enough Calcium Carbonate to eventually neutralize the gas, BUT what about the garbage heap -- It is still there for the next meal!!! Couldn't completely digest the first meal; What makes you think you can digest the next one along with the added leftover garbage heap!! ATTA BOY, MORE TUMS, Ha Ha, couldn't resist that. Simplest solutions is as soon as the bloating and heavy laden feeling starts (or even before it starts) take a swallow of "Apple Cider Vinegar" NOT "DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR")and within 5 minutes the pain is gone and the heap has been digested by the Hydrochloric Acid in the Apple Cider Vinegar. Depending on how
long and how severe the problem is will determine how many ounces of Ultimate Aloe
and how long you keep up the extra satuation of 8-20 oz. per day. This Aloe will
replenish the mucosal lining of the stomach and small intestine which in turn will again be able to help digest your food better. Follow the instructions for OPC-3 and add a couple caps for saturation (Topping off the tank)to prevent free radical damage so the immune system can do its job of taking care of our past sins and keep up with the present ones.

Questions? call me and leave message, phone#, and I will return your call.

God Bless you all,

Susanne Fletcher, Naturopathic Doctor

Testimonies on Blood Sugar

Prior to starting OPC-3 and IsoChrome, I was just a few weeks away from being put on Insulin for my blood sugar problems. I started these two products and during that same 3 weeks period of time, my blood sugar levels stabilized at a normal level, and they continue to stay that way.You wanted some testimonies on diabetics, my dad is diabetic, has lots of health problems (had a bad heart attack 4yrs. ago, diverticulitus problems with his bowels,`etc.)He is a lucky man to be alive today, I got hin on OPC-3, Isochrome and aloe juice, The Dr. gave dad 2 months to get his sugar down from 215 or he would have to go on insulin. His sugar came down to 95 and stablized. The Dr. wanted his sugar lowered because of his general health conditions. I told him to keep a daily record of his sugar, so when he went back to DR. he could see the results, but I also told him to wait and see what his Dr. said about the great results before he told him about the vitamins. I told him I bet the Dr. wouldn"t approve because he probably didn't know much about them. He said dad and all diabetics needed Isochrome but he didn't know about OPC-3 I said he probably don't, so his Dr. suggested he go off OPC-3 for a few months and double his diabetics medicine. His sugar is now going up and down instead of stablizing, mom said she thought he felt better while taking OPC-3 but he has to be told by a DR. what to do. Thank GOD he still takes Isochrome and aloe for his bowels and diverticulitus. Also since taking OPC-3 my husband has been able to go off of Daypro for arthritis and nomore pain in his elbows. I hope this info. helps a little.
Good luck Karen

Take care

Donna Helm

Hi Team, Here's the last "nugget" of information from the great Doctor in our area who is willing to share his suggestions. BLOOD SUGAR PROBLEMSHYPOGLYCEMIA: Reactive or Prediabetic. ISOCHROME once or twice daily MINERAL BLAST once daily for a month, then twice weekly OPC-3 two servings, once or twice daily CHROMIUM PICOLINATE 200 mcg. 2-3x/day VITAMIN C 500-1000 mg. 3x/day VITAMIN E 400 IU/dayALOE 1 cap 2x/day FLAXSEED OIL 1 Tablespoon/day ZINC PICOLINATE 30 mg./day Frequent small meals. No sugar. No carbohydrate loading. High protein diet. Other nutrients may be needed and indiviaully determined, eg., Calcium and Magnesium.

Dr Wilmer on Diabetes,The main thing for a diabetic to be aware of is the sugar (maltodextrin) in Isotonix products. Themaltodextrin (polyglucose) can be degraded by stomach acid and intestinal enzymes to single units of glucose. There are 1.5 grams of maltodextrin per serving. The diabetic ought to take his/her bloodsugar measurement before taking Isotonix products tog et a true baseline. If need be, the diabetic can practice food substitution by exchanging a food-based sugar source with Isotonix. You should realize that some diabetics are extremely sensitive to sugars.

Beneficial: Isotonix Isochrome (chromium component,especially, since it works in combination with insulin as the glucose tolerance factor; diabetics tend to have low chromium-blood levels); antioxidants, especially if pancreas is inflammed (pancreatic betacells are the source of insulin and may be damaged byoxygen radicals); flavonoids, including proanthocyanidins, can be useful for strengthening blood vessels (the continuously elevated concentrations of glucose in the blood can be detrimental to the structural integrity of the vasculature).

[Not recommended: Any product containing Glucosamine.]

I hope this helps.

James L. Wilmer,
Ph. D.Scientific Affairs/Quality Control
Market America, Inc.
7605 Business Park Drive,
Greensboro, NC 27409

There are many degrees of diabetes, but the following suggestions will apply to most. If a person is insulin dependent, they must check with their physician when adjusting their diet and should be monitoring their blood sugar. ISOCHROME 2x/day, OPC-3 two servings 1-2x/day, OXYGEN PLUS 2 caps 1-2x/day, ALOE 1-2 caps 2x/day, B-12 1-2 servings 2x/day, B COMPLEX 50 1-2/day, VITAMIN E 800-1200 IU/day, VITAMIN C 500-1000 mg. 3x/day, MAGNESIUM 250 MG. 2-3x/day, FLAX SEED OIL 1 Tablespoon/day, BLACK CURRANT SEED OIL capsules 2-6/day, ZINC PICOLINATE 30 mg./day, CHROMIUM PICOLINATE 200-1200 mcg./day, WATER at least 2 quarts/day

HYPERTENSION: Not a uniform condition. Many possible contributing factors. Variable treatment and response. CALCIUM PLUS 1 serving at bedtime OPC-3 2 servings, 1-2x/day, MINERAL BLAST 1 serving twice weekly, ALOE 1 cap 2x/day, B-12 1 serving 1-2x/day, MAGNESIUM CHELATE(citrate, asporotate, orotate, proteinate) 250-500 mg. 2-3x/day. USUAL HEALTH MEASURES: water, flax seed oil, Vitamins C, E, B Complex, beta carotene, highfiber diet, relaxation/meditation. Will need to be individualized, depending on other factors, such as age, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease,

ADD/ADHD: Each person is different, ages and sensitivities vary. Food allergies are common. Response may take sometime. OPC-3 1/2-2 servings 2-3x/day depending on size and age and severity of problem. B-12 1 serving 2-3x/day, MINERAL BLAST 1/2-1 serving every 2-3 days. Other supportive vitamins as tolerated and needed: Vitamins C, E, B Complex, Isochrome, Chromium(depending if sweets craving persists with OPC-3), ThermoChrome may be helpful in adult ADD/ADHD. Aloe if tolerated. Food and environmental alleriges should be addressed, (especially milk, corn, dyes). Hidden candidal infections not uncommon with history of ear infections. Always Remember, these are only "suggestions".

Cindy Bennett Kings Valley, OR
Date Submitted: 3/21/2000 10:38:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
I am a chiropractor who has been using the MA products since April of 1999. I am thrilled with the results I have seen with patients who have used the OPC-3, Ultimate Aloe, ThemoChrome products, Glucosatrin just to name a few. My patients with chronic heartburn, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Psoriasis, Eczema, (and MUCH more) have benefited greatly from the introduction of these products to my practice. I can now help them to find relief from these ailments with means other than medication or radical intervention. I never would have believed how powerful the results would be, but I see it and hear some new amazing story from patients every day. The products are drawing more patients to my practice as word travels that we have been able to supply something to help with these conditions. Here are some examples of the power of these products.
One woman who started taking the OPC-3 and ThermoChrome 5000 last November was able to reduce her cholesterol(LDLs) by 80points in three weeks, and she was told just yesterday by her MD that her Lymes Disease has mysteriously been neutralized.
After two months on the OPC-3 a chronic pain patient suffering from Fibromyalgia for several years (who I had been treating one per week for an extended period without much progress other than maintenance) is free from muscle pain, her hair has turned almost completely back to the natural color from her previous silver/grey, her finger nails are not cracked for the first time in years, and her energy level has skyrocketed! She can't thank me enough for introducing this product to her.
I could talk for an hour about the progress seen in digestive disorders of various kind, especially GERD and heartburn, in a large number of patients and of a LARGE age range. Even children with digestive problems have improved or symptoms have completely subsided. I am very proud to be a distributor for Market America, and I am very lucky that I was open minded enough to start looking into this company and the products when it was introduced to me. My family, friends, and patients are very grateful for the life-changing products Market America offers. And just when I though this couldn't get any better, I saw the power of the Unfranchise business opportunity. This is a wonderful company, with outstanding products, and a fantastic business opportunity for anyone who is open-minded enough to take the time to learn about this company and what it has to offer! Sincerely,Kerri L. Butteris,Doctor of ChiropracticJackson, Minnesota

Testimonies on Acid Reflux

I have had a hyiatal hernia, therfore compounding the acid reflux problem. I had been on Prilosec or Prevacid since 1994. I always took the Rx at night since that limited the side effects and that was when the heartburn was the worst. I have been taking OPC3 since mid May, started on Aloe in about a week later. Finally in mid June started the digestive enzyme. The OPC3 never added to the acid reflux cause I still took my Rx - until mid June. I just never renewed my Rx. I had some heartburn after that, but only took the pepcid ac at night. It became every other night as time went on. I found that when I was almost done with my 3rd bottle of Aloe and on the OPC3 for almost 3 months that there was very little acid reflux. I use my
digestive enzyme at least 2 times a day - my meal schedual is terrible. I occasionally get a brief touch of heartburn. When that happens, always at night, i just mix up a little bit of digestive enzyme and it is gone. It is great over shaved ice with a little bit of water. I also serve this (shaved ice, enzyme and water) as an intermezo to dinner company, kinda like a sorbet. I have not taken any form of anti-acid relief since 21st of August. I feel that the OPC3 and the Aloe helped heal/shrink the hernia -so know the flap of my esophagus doesn't open as easily to let the acid backwash. I have had this since 1982. I am 4' 10" tall and the problem resulted from being pregnant (as you can well imagine, I had no place to store growing babies :) ). The scarring in my esophagus used to be horrible, I would like to know what it is like now. Anyway, you customer should probably be taking all three. I have heard before it takes 3 bottles of Aloe to set things right and it sure seemed to do that.
Good luck.
Marsha G. Whipple

Testimonies on Allergy

I remember when I was little I had many a sleepless night with trouble breathing. I used to spend many nights awake sitting with my Dad in his study late into the wee hours mouth breathing and covered with Vick's on my chest. My mom, a nurse, determined I needed allergy testing because every three months I would require Injections of steroids just to be able to breathe normally. Around the age of eight or nine, I began seeing an allergist every Wednesday night to undergo allergy scratch testing. I would cry during the procedure of testing because every Thursday my back would be covered with welts from the allergic reactions to the substances they had tested me for. Every week was the same. I would hide so I wouldn't have to go to the allergist. My mom would find and take me in for the testing. Thursday I was miserable from the itching on my back. The next week when we returned to the allergist he would enumerate the list of substances I would now have to avoid to breathe normally. The list of my allergies continued to grow weekly until my parents finally learned I was allergic to so many things that I could never possible avoid all the substances that caused me problems. I lived a life on injectible steroids, antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal sprays for 32 years. I got to the point that I could barely swallow another pill and was deathly afraid of the side effects I might have from medications. Following in my mom's footsteps I received a Bachelor's and master's Degree in nursing. I became interested in preventing illness as a result of my education and my inability to carry out a normal lifestyle without my medications. For one entire year at the age of 38, I began researching the scientific data regarding natural alternatives that might make me more healthy and improve my health concerns. That's when my dear friend Marilyn Freese, introduced me to OPC-3 and the Isotonix line of products. After two months of using two capfuls of OPC-3 and one capful of MultiTech every morning I was able to decrease my medications and was off all my inhalers. I gradually added other Isotonix products one at a time and continued to feel better and better. After six months on the Isotonix products and OPC-3 I was able to stop taking my daily Claritin-D. Today, I live a life that is medication free and my pocketbook is not as light! I have also found that when I do get an occasional infection I heal faster and require less medication than ever before. Thank God for these miraculous products!
After 20 years of being in the health care industry I can honestly say illness PREVENTION is a far better approach than traditional medicine's approach of curing illness! The most caring thing I can do for others is get the word out about how people can change their lives for the better with these miraculous products.
Over 100 people that I have told my story to are now taking OPC-3 for their many various health concerns and are also improving the quality of their lives! Even my husband (a general, vascular and oncological surgeon with 30 years experience in practicing medicine) who thought this was "Snake oil" religiously takes his Isotonix OPC- Mineral Blast MultiTech, Calcium Plus and B-12 every morning! Thank you Market America!
Rebecca Reed, BSN MS
Huron, SD

Testimonies on Anemia

I have had trouble with anemia all of my life. I'm 46 now.
Even as a teenager I was taking iron supplements prescribed
by my doctor. Every once and awhile he'd put me on his
presciption again. Occasionally he'd make me take tests for
internal bleeding through stool samples. (Sorry if this is
too graphic.) But could never find any problems with me. In
February 97, I went on a very strict diet to try to lose weight
and I lost the weight, but when he checked the iron count in
my blood, it was low the lowest it had ever been and was low
enough that he said I needed a transfusion. Instead of the
transfusion, he sent me for a barium enema because he was
convinced that I was bleeding internally. The barium enema
revealed that I was fine, and I figure I was just lower than
my usual low because of the strict diet. Anyway, when I
learned that MA had minerals, I started taking the Mineral Blast.
I know that some recommend to take it every other day, but I
figured that I need it every day. So I take one cap every day
and have been for maybe 6 months already. Just a few weeks ago
when I was in for my yearly check-up on bloodwork, my tests
came back that I still have a mild anemia, but it is the best
he has seen. I figure I just never absorbed iron very well for
whatever reason and the mineral blast is finally helping me to
absorb it. I know everyone is different and we just have to
find what works for us! I will never stop taking the mineral blast.
Karen Ziegler
Palmyra Pa
Dear Pam:
As you know, sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease occurring
in the United States most frequently in African-Americans and
people of Mediterranean origin. In the hetrozygous state, the
trait confers a selective advantage for individuals exposed to
mosquito-borne malaria. Malarial organisms are intracellular
parasites within red blood cells. Heterozygotes don't allow
malarial oganisms to parasitize their red blood cells, or, if
they do, the deformation is recognized quickly by the host and
the infected red blood cell is rapidly removed from circulation.
When the trait is present in the homozygous state, the red blood
cells can undergo a sickling response under low oxygen tension
and lose their normal flexibility to maneuver through tight
capillaries and blood sinuses in the spleen. As a consequence,
the sickled RBCs have a strong tendency to get trapped in tight
bends in the circulatory system, cutting off the circulation to
various tissues and depriving the tissues of oxygen, nutrients
and the ability to get rid of wastes. When these blockades are
broken, this can lead to a miniature version of "reperfusion
injury" in which a burst of oxygen radicals can be formed and
damage cells. As the sickled RBCs are trapped in the spleen
(a normal site of RBC removal), one cell population in the spleen
called fixed macrophages attempts to remove a massive number of
damaged RBCs. The macrophages can accumulate tremendous amounts
of iron (as hemosiderin) which can lead to further oxygen radicals
being produced in the spleen. Eventually the person becomes anemic
as the bone marrow production of RBCs cannot keep pace with RBC
destruction in the spleen. It is a painful disease, and homozygous
individuals tend to die in their 20's or early 30's, sometimes earlier.
We have few reports that OPC-3 will help sickle cell anemia, but
it might help scavenge the oxygen radicals that are produced by
released iron in the blood. It is known that if an endothelial cell
that lines the blood vessels is killed by some means including oxygen
radicals, the bare patch of vessel is a major attraction for certain
white blood cells which stick to the denuded spot. This may cause a
mini-occluded vessel and aggravate a blood flow problem. Other
antioxidants might be beneficial also.
Avoid iron-containing products (MultiTech, Mineral Blast).
Doses of OPC-3: "loading dose" should be used. Start
with 1/4 capful and increase as needed over 1.0 to 1.5 months.
If no significant benefit at doses up to 3/4 capful, then it
may not work at all. The same starting dose applies for Antioxidant
Formula, but do not exceed 1/2 capful in a child this small.
One final note: disregard the earlier suggestion in the Most
Frequently Asked Question Info Packet that OPC-3 should not be
taken by individuals with sickle cell trait. It's just not true.
I hope this discussion helps.
James L. Wilmer, Ph. D.
Scientific Affairs/Quality Control
Market America, Inc.
7605 Business Park Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409
You are correct: sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease, a
homozygous recessive condition, and both of the boy's parents
are heterozygotes. There is no known dietary supplement, medication,
or gene therapy that will reverse this condition. I think eventually
gene therapy or bone marrow stem cell replacement will be successful.
In the meantime, the sickle-shaped red blood cells don't move through
the capillaries very well and tend to get hung up since they have lost
their flexibility. These RBC blockades prevent certain tissues from
getting sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients. When the cell
blockade is broken, the influx of RBCs brings in oxygen, and this
situation creates what is called reperfusion injury, generating a
flood of damaging oxygen radicals. This happens on a large scale
in heart attacks. In addition, as the sickled RBCs move through
the spleen, a red blood cell filtering organ, the RBCs cannot make
their way easily through fine pores or fenestra in the blood sinuses
of the spleen, and they get trapped. In addition, the fixed macrophages
in the spleen gobble up a lot of the damaged RBCs, ingesting a lot of
iron from the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is also released in a free state
into the blood, raising blood iron levels. Iron can generate oxygen
radicals in the presence of molecular oxygen (O2). So you can see
that the main thing that can be accomplished in sickle cell anemia is
to provide the body with antioxidants that can reduce the toxicity of
iron and oxygen free radicals. Isotonix products such as OPC-3,
Antioxidant Formula, and Isochrome might be able to provide some help.
I would steer clear of MultiTech and Mineral Blast since both contain
iron. Some iron is essential, but that can be gotten from the diet.
James L. Wilmer, Ph. D.
Scientific Affairs Department
Market America, Inc.

Arthritis/Joint Pain and OPC-3

Mark & Judi,
In August of 1998 I was approached about MA. I did not want to
take a job "selling" products that did not work so I agreed to
try OPC3 because I liked what I saw on the Quest for health tape.
I had a weak knee from tennis, golf and being overweight and
walked down steps one at a time like an old man . My wife had
arthritis in her knees for several years and suffered so that it
took several hours each morning before she was able to begin her
daily routine. She had been told by her Dr that she was a candidate
for knee replacement surgery. In three days on the loading dose of OPC,
I was able to walk down steps normally without pain. On the tenth day,
my wife awoke and informed me that her knees were not stiff. We
bought a second bottle of OPC and before it was used, I could see
the change in her knees. The redness was gone and so was the swelling.
That's when (and why) I decided to become a distributor. Today we
both take OPC daily - I take a normal dose and she takes 3 caps.
She is now taking Glocostrin which we hope will make surgery unnecessary.
Don Bishop, EC
Team Smoky Mountain
Waynesville, NC
ATG 9324

Thank you!!! For the past 10 years I have been suffering with
symptoms of arthritis, including pain and stiffness in my joints,
especially in the early morning. When I would wake in the middle
of the night to nurse my infant daughter, I would literally fall
over from lack of flexibility in my ankle and toe joints. My hands
and heels were swollen and in so much pain, it was difficult to type
or do routine chores, or put any pressure on my feet, which made it
almost impossible to walk! My mother suggested that I
use the OPC3, and although very skeptical, I began to take a double
dose daily. Within 1 week, I noticed a remarkable difference, and
within 3 weeks, I experienced no pain, whatsoever! I have now been
taking the OPC3 for 1 1/2 years, and have yet to experience any pain!
I continue to take a double dose of the OPC as well as the other
isotonix products which I firmly believe have led me to a significantly
healthy lifestyle in where I have experienced no further migraines,
colds, flu's, mood swings and much more!
I would also like to add, that since having my 3 children, I have
gained approximately 45 pounds! I have tried every diet known to
mankind and have not stuck with it because of one reason or another
for the past 4 years. After recently giving birth to my daughter,
who is now 7 months old, I started taking the ThermoChrome Select
and have stuck with a reasonable exercise program and have lost a
total of 30 pounds (within 5 1/2 months) and will continue to lose
the remainder of the weight that I gained in the past 4
years. Because of the ThermoChrome Select, I feel more energy, crave
no sweets or snacking, and eat a reasonable amount of food without
having to count fats & calories or be concerned with measuring food
of any kind! Who wants to be obsessing with the AMOUNT of food when
you're trying to diet! The last thing I want to think about continually
is the food that I am eating on a day to day basis. Its hard enough
just to lose the weight than to be concerned with what I am eating and
drinking! So, Thank you THERMOCHROME!
You have made me feel like myself again!
Michelle Chauvette Independent Distributor


About 8 or 9 years ago I contracted environmental/chemical asthma (sick building syndrome does exist and it's cheaper for corporations to pay off victims than to fix the problem). I was diagnosed with a 45% permanent disability in each lung. Until this happened I was pretty healthy. I sang for almost 20 years with a well-respected choral group and was a volunteer cuddler in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Connecticut Health Center. I only bring these up because I had to give them both up. In both cases, the air quality in the buildings was poorer than my lungs could handle. Yes, my lungs were in worse shape than preemies on oxygen. I took theodur twice a day - a lovely drug. My blood levels had to be tested fairly regularly because there's such a thin line between toxic and therapeutic dosages.
I owned four different inhalers. One went everywhere with me, because breathing isn't Optional. One was to be used regularly as a preventative and the other two were pretty much for recovery when (not if) I had an attack. One of these lovely inhalers worked beautifully (usually), but gave me thrush in my throat. Horses and AIDS patients also get thrush. When all else failed, I had to take a 10 day course of prednisone, an oral cortisone. When I knew I would be taking the prednisone, I would offer a blanket apology in advance to anyone within firing range. That was just for the emotional effects, you don't want to know about the physical ones. My attacks could and were set off by: paint, perfume, smoke, scented candles and incense, cleaning products, excessive garlic and any other strong, or sometimes faint, odor. The easy ones lasted about a day or two, the bad ones took weeks, four inhalers and the prednisone. If I walked into a room that had been painted within the past month, I had to leave in less than 15 minutes or suffer a "bad" attack. My attacks are characterized by a deep, barking cough - mating season at Seaworld.
On the up side, all the coughing caused nodules on my vocal chords and now I sound like Brenda Vaccaro, Lauren Bacall or Wallace Beery, depending on the day. I couldn't go back to singing now, no matter what. Bottom line - I started taking the OPC-3 a year ago. I've thrown out the inhalers, haven't taken any theodur for 11 months and 6 months ago spent 5 hours watching television in a room that was between coats in the process of being painted, with just the teensiest tightness in my chest that was gone by morning. Take away my OPC-3 and your death will be soon, slow and painful.
Donna PhilippVernon, CT

OPC-3 and my fourteen year old daughter who had asthma and severe allergies since the age of 3 are the reasons I became a Market America distributor!!!!! My mom in Conn. sent this strange bottle of "stuff" to her granddaughter living in MD., because she had heard many testimonies about positive results concerning asthma and OPC-3. The bottle sat on our counter for about 2 weeks, and my daughter didn't seem the least bit interested in drinking this thing that grandma sent. I felt a little guilty that my mom had paid for this so I started to take the OPC-3.After one week the migraines that I suffered from since the age of sixteen were gone (I WASN'T READY TO ADMIT, IT WAS THE OPC) After two weeks and no migraines, I was ready to find out what was going on here. After three weeks I wanted to know about Market America........Now after I had attended meetings, and heard powerful testimonies myself regarding asthma and OPC,I made my daughter take this. This little girl had missed twenty-seven days of school last year, she always ended up with serious sinus infections (every year,) and has been rushed to the hospital by the school nurse in the past. She is a competitive gymnast, and this year during her state competition she was able to compete to her full potential, because she wasn't suffering from symptoms from allergies and wasn't having asthma attacks. She won the Maryland state vault title in her age group as a level eight gymnast and placed third all around! She is doing great, even during one of the worst pollen seasons on record, she doesn't even have red itchy eyes and NO asthma attacks.
Does our family believe in OPC.................without hesitation YES!!!!!!!!!


February 27, 2002
Hi Doug,
I would be glad to help….
My son Adam had his first asthma attack at the age of three months old,
but even though we made a flying trip to the emergency room he was not
diagnosed right away. Two more years went by with a constant cough and
every winter he was put on a nebulizer and prednisone. Finally at the age
of three he was diagnosed with viral induced, exercise induced and cold induced asthma. From there he saw an allergist who then ran blood test. The test came back that he was allergic to grass, pollen, mildew, mold, trees and dust mites. He was then put on zyrtec, nasonex, claritin, flovent, and albuterol!!!! I second guessed this allergist and asked for a second opinion.

So then we went to CHAD (children’s hospital at Dartmouth) to meet with an
asthma specialist who also ran his own set of blood test which the two doctors
could not agree upon but did confirm that Adam did have viral induced, exercise
induced and cold induced asthma and was indeed allergic to dust mites.
For two years we traveled back and forth to Dartmouth every three months basically
just for an evaluation on my sons condition and changing his meds, this of course was
in between us and our sitter having to rush Adam to the doctors office because he
had turned blue from at least two cold induced asthma attacks and needed oxygen.
Then one day after looking at all the prescriptions sitting on the counter and watching a very active, five year old who at this point had already had to sit out of a sliding party because he couldn’t breath, couldn’t stay with his grand mother because she was afraid he would have an attack, couldn’t run for any period of time because he would start a coughing fit that could last for hours, I was at my wits end. I then called Freddie LaPan to enroll Adam in his martial arts class hoping that it would strengthen his lungs. After explaining the situation to Freddie his asked if he could give us some information on a wonderful product that he knew about that had worked on people with allergies and asthma. He then introduced me to the miracle of all miracles OPC-3 !!!!! I immediately put Adam on the loading dose and started to take his meds away. Five months later my son is off ALL his meds and even went skiing on the coldest day of the year and even though I sent his inhaler with him he never needed it. He never coughed once. OPC-3 has made a huge difference in my son’s life, if you don’t believe me just ask him, he tells everyone who will listen that he doesn’t have to take his inhalers now(and he was taking both flovent and albuterol two times a day)
April Farnham
July 15, 1996
Dear Market America, arthritis or degenerative cartilage.
December of 1995, 1 took a nasty fall at my father-in-law's house
and thought nothing of it because I felt no pain. However, two days
later, my right knee became extremely painful and swollen. From then
on I suffered constantly whether trying to sleep, work, or simply get
Things seemed to improve and then my left knee flared up for no apparent
reason. I went to doctors three times, had x-rays, blood test, etc.
They shot me up with cortisone and xylocaine and gave me pain pills and
anti- inflammatory type pills. They suggested that I may have arthritis
or degenerative cartilage. No matter what, I was in constant pain.
I could not sleep and could not function comfortably without pain pills.
The constant pain and the favoring of my knee eventually caused both knees
and ankles to hurt all the time.

Even though this stuff had been going on for seven months, I did not want
my condition to deprive my wife and I of a hard earned vacation. We took
off to Mexico with me hardly being able to walk. The Haywards had just
introduced us to OPC-3 I started taking it when we arrived at the Hotel.
I hobbled around for a few days, just taking in the sights from a bus or
a cab. By the third day, I felt good enough to take the stairs to the beach.
This was quite a feat. I made it down and back up. The next day I felt
good enough to do it again. Even though I got caught by a killer rip tide
that day (which put a strain on my bad knee), I made it up the stairs and
was only a little bit stiff from the ordeal.

I went up and down those stairs eight times while we were there, and I
left Mexico with no pain in my knees nor ankles. I am firmly convinced
that OPC-3 was directly responsible for the turn-around in my condition
where doctors and various drugs have been unsuccessful. I have been pain
free since I have returned home. I have also been on one diet or another
for years. We started the ThermoChrome 5000 at the same time as the OPC-3.
While I was vacationing in Mexico, I ate and drank like mad. We were on
the mother of all vacations after all. I did not gain the entire time and
since we have returned home I have been losing two pounds per week with
no change in my eating habits. I feel great!

I have gone on long enough. However, I would like to say that I told my
wife I thought she was crazy to get involved with these products.
I am now eating my words. Even if we did nothing else but buy the product
at retail, she and I would be much better off for the rest of our lives.
John T. Haskell

***Testimonies on Back & Spine

My name is Jeanette Rapp and I am a new Independent Distributor for Market America, Inc. I am a nurse in Springfield, Missouri. I sustained an auto accident in 1987, resulting in multiple fractures. The end result was degenerative arthritis in my right ankle and migraine headaches almost daily.
I had tried strong anti-inflammatories and was wearing a hard plastic brace for my work. If I planned anything after work for fun I had to wear a metal brace on my right ankle.

The pain was so bad that I decided to try OPC-3, introduced to me by a new distributor and a fellow co-worker at the hospital. For the first 2 weeks I took the dose prescribed for my weight, then I began taking it according to the recommended daily dose. After the first bottle was gone I started a second one. One day it hit me, "I was not hurting!" I took off my brace and I still wasn't hurting!
It has been 2 months now and I have cut my anti-inflammatory medicine dosage in half. I wear an ankle support for my right ankle and I don't have any daily pain. My headaches have gone from daily to 1 or 2 monthly.

This is the best supplement that I have been given with the best results since 1987. I have recommended OPC-3 to everyone I know who has chronic pain. Thanks Market America and Rae Ann Barnes for introducing me to this fabulous supplement!
Jeanette Rapp
Springfield, Missouri


Dear Melissa,
This letter is to let you know my experience with some of your products. After having two lower back surgeries and one neck fusion. I was taking pain pills, muscle relaxers, and steroids for the nerves that were damaged, plus therapy three times a week.

One of your distributors introduced me to your OPC-3. and ThermoChrome 5000. I started taking these products and in about one month I was feeling much better. As of January 2, 1996 I am not taking any of the medicine I was on for all of my back surgery. I am only taking OPC-3, ThermoChrome 5000, and multi-vitamins. I feel 100% better. I am still going to therapy three times a week. My wife and son are also taking the OPC-3 and ThermoChrome 5000.

These products have taken my wife and I to become distributors of our own business. We look forward to a long and very profitable partnership with Market America.
Yours truly,
Mr. & Mrs. Hays
This letter does not begin to do this product justice. (OPC) Roma started using it because of an auto accident she was in. She has a plate installed in her back and after the accident she was in extreme pain. Her ortho-doctor told her that the only thing he could do for her was to put here in the hospital and give her steroid injections. For obvious reasons this did not sound like the best option to us. A long time friend of ours convinced her to try OPC-3. They say it will usually take from a month to 3 months to do any good, Roma's back stopped hurting within 3 weeks. After that she convinced, (forced) me to try it for my back. I have a ruptured disk that I already have had surgery on. That hour and a half commute I do every day was causing my back and leg to be in major pain every night. I used OPC-3 for a couple of weeks and my back stopped hurting! Needless to say we have turned into true believers in what it can do for people. Since we started using it we have put both of children on it with some remarkable results. It does so much more than just stop back pain I don't know where to begin. In talking to many other people who are using it our results are not unusual.
Kevin Baker
Keizer, OR 97303


My sister-in-law takes Prozac and has had no trouble with also taking the other items you mentioned. From all research that I've done, Prozac is not a MAO inhibitor, which TC warns against taking with. One added comment. For people looking for emotional stability and mental health I had great experience with OPC-3 and Isochrome. They were the first two products I took-and only those two for some time.
The OPC helped with my back pain (after 6 weeks of taking it). However, the first week I added the Isochrome was quite an event in my life. I felt a difference within 2 to 3 days. I no longer felt stress-related to my job. It no longer mattered how many things I had facing me to do that day. I took one at a time. Situations that before would have caused me angst, I just overlooked and went on. Things just didn't upset me like before. Little meddling things were no longer important. I told one of my close friends "I don't know what's in this "yellow stuff" but it has given me an "I don't give a S_ _ T attitude." But more than that, it brought me out of a 5-year state of depression after my daughter's suicide. I was finally able to know the world again and wanted to go places and be with people. And getting involved with this business-which I told my sponsor I would not do-gave me something new and positive to focus on.

Different things work for different people, but quite a few of my women customers started on the OPC and Isochrome and have noticed a "calming affect." I know the OPC can give this too, but the Isochrome was the real reinforcement for me and for some others. If someone said they were gonna take my Isotonix from me-they could have all of them EXCEPT the OPC-3 and Isochrome. I'd fight for those two above all others.
Georgene Huggett, Poquoson, VA

About 2 months ago, I was on a vacation camping trip and met a Nun. We played tennis together for several days. She and I are approx the same age, and she was interested in how I derived so much energy. I told her about my experience with Thermochrome 5000, and the weight (50 lbs) I'd lost and the energy I was experiencing. She was very interested in trying this product, so I offered her some free samples (from my personal supply) for the week. She loved it! I ended up selling her 2 full month's supply. I heard from her about 2 weeks ago. She told me the following story:
She has enjoyed her work in NY for several years, but unknown to most people, she has been undergoing therapy for depression for quite a while. She was supposed to be missioned out to Canada but had a medical deferment due to her depression. After she started taking TC 5000, she not only lost several pounds, gained a great deal of energy, but her depression is gone! She feels wonderful...and has continued on the product and has recommended me to many of her friends. Her counselor was so pleased with the results that this Nun experienced, she wants to know more about the product! Also, this Nun's medical deferment has been lifted and she is now leaving for Canada in a month. She believes her prayers have been answered..(and so do I!) God Bless!
Sue Ryan

Testimonies on Eczema

My daughter, Jenifer Flood, has had eczema all her life. Born with this malady, we found out after many years being told it is a food allergy that it is actually a skin disorder that is aggravated by certain things one touches or touches your skin. In her case, she was allergic to many food acids, fats, and even sugars. She became allergic to perfumes which are added to everything from laundry detergent, soaps, Kleenex, bathroom tissue, shampoos, makeup, on and on and on. Let alone, the actual perfume from a bottle. She had to spray that on her clothes, never on skin. Needless to say, doctors, doctors, doctors, and ointments, lotions, pills...............In August, as a favor to me she came to Greensboro, NC, to the National knowing nothing about our great company except that her wacky mom was involved. The minute she stepped off the plane I started her with our OPC3, Skintelligence, Vita Shield, OPC3 Triple Serum, and Royal Spa Products. She was with me for one week and by the time she went home, her eczema was not only gone, the long time bumps on the skin from repeated outbreaks were smoothing out. Within a month, she was smooth as a baby's skin and a new Market America Unfranchise Owner. I am proud to say she is moving a lot of product due to her personal testimonials. She lives in Seattle and can be reached via email .With the help of these wonderful products we were able to accomplish for her what no doctor has everbeen able to do.
Best wishes to any and all!
Dona Sears, Unfranchise OwnerATG 10582 or


Dear Sue,
Per our recent phone conversation I would like to share with you my-experience with Market America's Health and Nutrition product line. Truly these products, and Market America, are blessings in my life for which I am deeply grateful.
I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, (SLE) approximately seven years ago after almost two years of misdiagnosis (which is common with this type of illness). I had central nervous system involvement (which was diagnosed as narcolepsy), joint swelling and pain (which was thought to be arthritis), lung involvement (diagnosed as asthma) as well as Raynaud's phenomena (circulatory problems). and hematuria (blood in the urine). In short, my health was a mess and deteriorating rapidly. I was in a lot or pain, extremely fatigued, and ran a fever daily.
My husband is a physician here in Charlotte, and we are acquainted with some of the finest doctor's in the area. During the course of my illness I had what I would consider the best medical care available; however, despite their best efforts, a team of doctors could not bring my lupus into remission. I simply did not respond well to the traditional medicines used to manage the symptoms, and as you are probably aware, there is no known cure for this debilitating disease.

When the traditional medical interventions failed, I began doing research on "Physicians On Line" and 'Medline". Keep in mind that my husband and I were very "mainstream medicine" oriented; therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I ran across articles in medical journals that discussed herbal interventions in reference to symptoms very similar to mine. Note that none of the articles dealt with Lupus specifically; however, since this disease is treated symptomatically, and since I was amazed to find anything on herbs in such periodicals as the New England Journal of Medicine, I became intrigued. I began looking for a high caliber herbal product that contained some of the herbs that seemed relevant for my symptoms I also had read enough to know that it was important that the product be caffeine free since caffeine can trigger inflammation.

In a way that I believe could only be described as divine intervention, I ran across the original formula of ThermoChrome 5000, now distributed as Thermochrome Select It contained the ingredients I was looking for and had no caffeine. I purchased a bottle, then nervously spent the remainder of the day trying to figure out what I was going to say to my husband that would sound a little credible. After all telling him that I wanted to take an herbal product marketed for energy and weight loss (and looked like dirt in a capsule) for my lupus, after medical science had taken their best shot and failed, definitely did not sound credible!
My approach was simple, but effective. I told him that I know he was going to think this was the dumbest idea he had ever heard, and he was probably right I told him that I knew he was going to tell me this would not work, and he was probably right I told him that we had exhausted our traditional medical options, but had so keep fighting... I couldn't just give up. Then I showed him the medical journals articles I found. and waited for a response. After reading the label with raised eyebrows, then skimming the journal articles with a bit or surprise, he said "Well honey, there is nothing in here that will hurt you. Don't misunderstand I don't think it will help you either, but if you want to try it I will support you."

I started taking one capsule of the ThermoChrome Select with breakfast and one capsule with lunch for three days, but noticed nothing. I increased the dosage to two capsules with breakfast and two with lunch, and though it was not a dramatic change, I did notice after a few days that I had a little more energy. When you are fighting a chronic illness anything that gives you a little more energy is worth its weight in gold. I decided to increase the dosage to three capsules with breakfast and three at lunch. After four days at this dosage my fever broke (I typically ran a fever of about 100.8 every day unless I was on Prednisone). I couldn't believe it!! After just three weeks at this dosage, not only was my fever gone, my joint swelling was markedly reduced, my energy was up, and I felt better than I had in many years. My condition continued to improve, and under the direction of my doctor, was able to slowly eliminate my medications.

While I must emphasize that Market America makes no health claims on this, or other products, and skeptics might say my improvement was simply "coincidence " or "spontaneous remission", my husband and I know Thermochrome Select dramatically improved my health!!! I have been in remission now for four years, and I feel GREAT! Needless to say these last four years have been a time of re-education for both my husband and myself. We have learned so much about the effects of nutritional interventions, but we also realize that most physicians and other health care professionals have not been exposed to the research that is available Gust as we were not). In addition to my ThermoChrome Select, I take all eight of our Isotonix Vitamins (with double doses of OPC and vitamin C, and I take 2 oz. of Aloe at night My husband and I celebrate each new day with our 'Vitamin Totty" (yes he takes them too), and a prayer of Thanksgiving for my renewed health, and for Market America.

In closing lot me say that we have fallen in love with the company, as well as the products she represents. Market America is remarkable, and has a corporate team characterized by integrity and vision. I have every intention of being part of her very bright future as she sets the pace toward the next millennium.
Warmest Regard,
Cheree Culpepper

Louise M. Worswick
122 Elm St,
Scituate, MA 02066
My name is Louise Worswick. I was diagnosed with DLE which is discoid lupus. Four years ago I woke up one morning with what I thought was a rash on my face. I called my doctor, she said come into the office and let me look at it. She ordered blood work. She called the rash a butterfly showing which is one of the sign of lupus. Lupus is an auto- disease. I also experienced severe joint pain in my hands, knees and feet. I got so bad, I couldn’t work. I had to take 220 mg. of pain killers five times a day to get relief from the pain. I gained 50 pounds in four years of being sedentary. I also have asthma and allergies. My medication cost me over three hundred dollars a month. Until one day I was dropping my grandaughter off at her Brownie meeting and Linda Harris was coming out of Mary's house. She had lost a lot of weight. I asked her what she was doing. She said, 'I'm taking Thermochrome 5000". I asked where I could get it. She said I have some, wait a minute and I’ll get it for you. She went back in Mary's house and came out with the Thermochrome. I paid her a check and asked directions on how to use it. A few days later, Mary Jenkins came over and suggested I try the OPC-3 for my asthma and lupus. Since I started taking the Thermochrome, I have lost 42 pounds and have not needed to fill my many prescriptions for asthma and allergies nor take pain killers for my lupus. I'm very grateful to Market America for making these products available. OPC-3 controls my symptoms and allows me to do the things I should be doing at fifty eight hike roller skating, bike riding, sky diving and bringing up my seven and eight year old grandchildren. What a wonderful life!
Louise Worswick

In 1984, 1 was vomiting daily. I went from 220 pounds to 150 pounds. I was so weak I was unable to work or do much of anything. My body was literally falling apart. It wasn't until 1987 that I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus. My body was in a state known as lupus flare. My joints in my arms, legs, and hands would become inflamed, and my skin was engulfed in rashes. I became weak easily. I had low- fevers on a constant basis. I had severe migraines that would last for several weeks to months at a time. I was seriously fatigued and my bed was my favorite place to be. Lupus fatigue is caused by factors such as anemia, your emotional state, and the prescribed medications, so I had very little control over my fatigue.

I started using OPC-3 in December 1995. Within three days on a saturation dosage, my symptoms began to diminish. I still have bad days, but nothing like before OPC-3. OPC-3 has turned my life around, almost back to normal. I have found the ThermoChrome 5000 and ThermoChrome 10000 to be wonderful in giving me extra energy.
Thank you for the Health and Nutritional products. They are great, and I will be taking them for life!
David Rosenholm
West Linn, OR

A lady in my group has been talking with her ex-husbands wife who has Lupus. She repeatedly mentioned how TC Select could help her. She gave her Cheree Culpepper's testimonial letter and even the recorded version. However, there was no apparent effort to DO anything. Finally, our Unfranchise Owner sat down with the ailing wife of her ex-husband and said: "Look, you need to get serious about this and here is what you need to do." And the ailing wife of ex said "OK" She is still in her first month of taking the TC Select and OPC-3 and the results are VERY noticeable according to all. Her husband and family are truly amazed. She has more energy, she has color in her face again, and she has lost 15 pounds, which was mostly fluids. And now she has asked for the Aloe as well, which will be delivered today, because that's what Cheree recommends. I guess the message is that sometimes to make a difference we have to sit down and tell people what they need to do. I know that everyone will not listen to us, but it may be worth a try on others. Sometimes people who are suffering are tired of having to make decisions so they need someone else to make the decisions for them.
Georgene Huggett
Poquoson, VA

The shining moment in my life in our OPC-3 product, I'm sharing with you in hopes that many others will recognize and experience its incredible benefits.
In August of 1996 1 was brought to my knees physically and emotionally with the pain and degenerative disease of LUPUS. Because it had invaded my heart and kidneys, the medical profession could offer only round -the- clock pain medication and steroids. Disabled, depressed, dreading the prospect of dialysis .... let alone the side effects of more steroids, I was actively searching for alternative ways to address my condition. A friend, a GOOD friend, brought me a bottle of OPC-3. Within 4 days my pain began to diminish and within 10 days I was pain free for the first time in 8 years. After one week I added Thermochrome for energy and weight that I had gained from the steroids. Four months later I am still pain-free and no longer using steroids or pain medication. My energy level has greatly increased, and the weight is slowly slipping away, and of even greater importance is the fact that the kidney damage is reversing itself. My health has truly been restored.
I am now a distributor with MARKET AMERICA. My market and yours is as wide as there are people who want to restore and preserve their health. Our message to them is the good news that there TRULY is a safe, natural, and effective answer to a vast majority of American health problems.

After 13 months -on OPC-3 I continue without pain. I take no medication, no steroids, no dialysis. Full remission was achieved after 6-7 months. Now, B-12, Multi-tech, Mineral Blast, and Isochrome are part of my daily regime. My annual physical took place in August 1997. My primary care physician requested an additional two EKG's. he could not believe that the LUPUS was NO LONGER in my heart. Although that physician had not whole-heartedly endorsed my nutritional supplements, after the results of the EKG he told me NEVER to stop taking them.
We truly have an effective alternative to a great many health problems without the complications that prescription drugs often create.
Brenda Epps

I have had Lupus (S.L.E.) since I was seventeen years old, although it was not diagnosed until I was twenty-one. My symptoms have included arthritis, hair loss, vision loss, migraines as well as liver, kidney, lung, digestive system, and heart problems. I was in the hospital numerous times, including several heart catheterizations. I had previously been prescribed Prednisone, which is a steroid with a multitude of negative side effects. The symptoms and the medications were frustrating and scary.

I have been taking OPC-3 for a year and half now. The very day I started taking OPC-3 (two doses per day for the first week), my arthritis went away. Since then, I haven't had any serious Lupus symptoms at all. The only time I have experienced any joint pain is when I ran out of OPC-3. My migraines have decreased significantly as well. (I actually had a bottle of migraine medication expire before I could use it all!) The only side effects of OPC-3 for me have been: improved night vision, improved circulation (warm hands and feet!), elimination of hay fever, and increased immunities. (I don't get sick when everyone else around me does!) Those are the kind of side effects I like! Prednisone is not something I could have taken every day for my whole life without serious complications. By taking just one dose of OPC-3 every day, I not only eliminate my Lupus symptoms, I improve my overall health. I will take OPC-3 for the rest of my life.
Pam Limoge

We'd like to share our testimonial on Lupus
I overheard a young girl I worked with requesting time off because she had to take her father to Greenville for tests the next day. We were new UFO owners at the time and I reluctantly asked her what was wrong with her father. She said he had Lupus and would be unable to drive himself. She further told me that his Lupus was at a point that he stayed in bed a lot - he's a self-employed log truck driver and if he wakes up in the morning and feels good enough, he'll go in to work. Most mornings he stayed in bed, though. He was spending $600 to $800 a month on medication that was doing nothing for him except emptying his checkbook. I told her that I had some information I wanted to share with her and gave her the Quest for Health video and the old OPC pamphlet to take home for the weekend. On Monday morning she came and said they hadn't had time to watch the video but could I get her some of the "stuff" and she would have her dad try it. I refused to give her any product until I knew they had watched the video and looked over the information. That night they watched the video and at lunch the next day I got her a bottle of OPC and gave her specific directions "first thing in the morning on an empty stomach."

Her father took his first loading dose at 10 pm that night and his second dose the next morning. Four days later he called to say that he was starting to feel some results. He still had pain but the swelling was starting to go down. Three weeks later (yep, he took it like we told him to) his daughter said to bring in another bottle. A month after that, another bottle. After four months we were finally able to meet him face-to-face. He was back to work six days a week. Out in the garage working on his daughters car. He noticed that he doesn't get poison ivy from hauling logs like he used to. Now, the great news. Prior to Lupus taking hold of him, he used to drive a drag car. He got on OPC in August of 1998. In July of 1999 we went out to his home to drop off a family size bottle of OPC and he said "Come out to my garage, I want to show you something." Out in his garage was his newly built Camaro. The following week he was driving his race car (and he came in 4th!) All he takes is a maintenance dose of OPC and two aspirin's a day. His daughter is planning her wedding for next summer and she thanks me on a regular basis for "giving me back my daddy." She was afraid he wouldn't be able to walk her down the aisle.
We only wish we could slow him down enough to get him to a second look!
Brian & Janet CraigGoldsboro, NC 27533


May 4, 1999
I have suffered from migraine headaches for over twenty years. I had at least one headache a month, if not more. Symptoms included blurred vision, nausea - in fact I could not stand to smell food cooking or I would be sick to my stomach. I had to have the room darkened and I would sleep as much as I could - trying not to move too much. Doctors attitude was you have to learn to live with it, you're just one of those people. I heard that OPC-3 may help to get rid of headaches, and I decided to give it a try. I started taking it in August of 98, and realized after a very short time (2 months) that I hadn't had a migraine headache since starting the OPC-3. I have only had one since I started on OPC and to me that's incredible! I feel that I have my life back and I now have freedom to travel, make plans with my friends or to take on projects without fear of being unable to complete/fulfill my promises. I am truly thankful that Market America has such a wonderful product available to anyone/everyone who wants to take charge of their own heath using products that are safe and natural. I was so impressed that I am now a distributor.
B. J. Samorodny
Thunder Bay, ON Canada

I started using OPC in June, and later added B-12 because I heard it does something for migraines. I used a Prescription Drug, first Imitrex, then switched to Zomig because it's claim was to help ease a migraine once well under way, but the Imitrex has to catch the migraine in the early, early stage in order to work. The Zomig comes six in a pack, and cost $100.00 (luckily my insurance paid 80%), but I was going through an awful lot of them. I was having Migraines for about 1 1/2 years, about 4 a month, then increased to about 6 or 7 a month, sometimes even more.

EVER SINCE I STARTED B-12, IN SEPTEMBER, I HAVE ONLY HAD 3 MIGRAINES! It is absolutely incredible. I don't know if the OPC has any substantial claim to helping them but I only take one capful of B-12 a day, but I increased them during the migraines to three caps. I have B-12 on transfer buying; I couldn't stand the thought of running out. Oh , by the way, I got a migraine when I ran out of B-12!!!, Thank goodness for overnight buying. I only had to go 5 days without it. Lucretia A. McGonagle19 Webster Avenue Westbrook, ME 04092VM 07706

Stroke and back pain

Let me tell you a little bit about my Aunt. She is presently 86 years old suffered a stroke 13 years ago which left her paralyzed on her right, and within the last four years she had two more strokes. Her condition deteriorated because she also had high blood pressure, diabetes, and circulatory disorders and as time went on we discovered that she had dead nerves in her right leg to which the doctors, including specialists told me that there was really nothing that they could do about it.
In 1997 when I was introduced to this product my Aunt was suffering very extremely high blood sugar levels that the doctors could not seem to regulate. They were changing her medication every two weeks without any effect. I told my friend that if the product made even the tiniest difference in my Aunt's life I would tell all my friends about it and she could develop a good customer base over time. I only wanted to help her if I could, but only on the condition that the product was as good as she claimed it to be as I did not want to put my credibility at risk for anyone.
Well, three weeks after my Aunt got on this OPC particular brand of OPC her blood sugar levels normalized. Her doctor thought he had found the right medication but I knew better. To be quite honest there was this little nagging doubt in my mind, so two weeks later I told her to stop taking the OPC and four days after that her blood sugar level again fluctuated into the dangerous zones. I immediately put her back onto this miracle OPC and she has never had a problem after.

Needless to say I was convinced. I called those of my friends who had ailments such as Arthritis, diabetes, allergies and they all purchased OPC from my friend with amazing results. With the urging of my friend and her husband, I became an distributor. My personal testimony is that I no longer suffer from allergies because I am a faithful user of OPC, Antioxidant and Aloe Vera. In 1998, I suffered a back injury from a fall. The MRI showed two ruptured discs in my neck and one in my back and the EMG disclosed a pinched nerve. I found that taking two caps of OPC, two caps of ISOCHROME and one cap of ANTIOXIDANT allowed me to function each day pain free. I have since added a Glucosamine formulation called "Glucosatrin" and am happy to say that after two years of taking these nutrients, I remain free of pain. I have had the occasion to be without this special formulation of OPC for one month because I was trying to keep everyone else on OPC and my pain came back in full force. I will not ever allow that to happen again.

Do your self a favor, try our OPC and the other nutrients in our line and get on the road to better health.
D. Anne Ferdinand

Yeast Infections

Subject: Yeast Infections & Aloe JuiceI've had 3 women report fantastic results with Aloe Juice and yeast infections. All 3 had chronic infections due to the use of long-term antibiotics for various reasons (primarily acne). They tried all the yeast infection preparations and meds (diflican ... spelling????). Nothing alleviated the condition for them. I started thinking and told one woman to try the Aloe Juice as a douche. I figured if it's ok to drink, use in your nose and ears ... why not! So, she did and within 2 days it was GONE! She was VERY, VERY happy! Today, I suggested this to woman #4 and already she's had a significant turn-around! I checked with Dr. Monaco, a gynecologist, and he said it's fine.Laurie KaragasGarrison, NY

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